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Renewal By Andersen Review: The Award-Winning Windows Brand

Replacing windows is a major project, and most of the time, you need an extra set of hands. The article will tackle Andersen Renewal window reviews, a multi-awarded window and door product manufacturer and installation company. 

Check out the specific details to see if Renewal by Anderson is the right manufacturer for you! 

Andersen Renewal Windows Overview

Located in Bayport, Minnesota, Renewal by Andersen is an ancillary of the Andersen Corporation. Its parent company was founded in 1903 and was a household name in Minnesota. On the other hand, Renewal by Andersen sprung to life in 1995 with the hopes of expanding their domain in the window and door industry.

Since its creation, the company has garnered prestigious awards from different awarding bodies. Recently, J.D. Power awarded Renewal by Andersen the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction” both as a retailer and manufacturer.

The company offers seven kinds of windows that are energy-efficient, low maintenance, and durable. Renewal by Andersen also has patio doors in three designs. Most products have an array of interior and exterior colors and also diverse options for your hardware finish. You can also choose the hardware type and grille option you want from their selection.

What To Expect From a Renewal

Andersen Renewal window reviews aren’t complete without a thorough evaluation of the company’s pros and cons. The company’s main selling point is its products’ aesthetics. Moreover, the company has different awards under its belt. Still, no one should turn a blind eye to the disadvantages.


Other than the beauty its products give to your home, another advantage of Renewal by Andersen is its augmented reality tool. You can check the different product lines with just a click of a button. The tool allows you to see how the different colors, hardware, and styles would look like.

It also prides itself in its customization process. The windows and doors will always fit your home in any style or design you want. Moreover, the company is active in 48 states. Renewal by Andersen also uses their patented material, Fibrex®. The material combines the unique traits of wood and vinyl to make it durable, decay-resistant, and well-insulated.

Fibrex® also provides energy efficiency and allows you to have less frame and more glass. The ratio brings more natural light while the glass fully insulates your house. Employees are also keen on details and are excellent with customer service.

Aside from the award they have, Renewal by Andersen has also achieved high scores in other subcategories. Some examples are “Appearance and Design Features” under the Manufacturer category and “Ordering and Delivery” under the Retailer category.


The company has no sample pricing listed on its site. Although most window and door installers and manufacturers don’t actually put their pricing, the price range should be there.

Another disadvantage is the time it takes to manufacture the products. Though the company specifically says that everything is custom-made, a three to seven-week timeframe is long for an impatient customer. On top of that, the customization can be expensive. Expect to shell out more money if you want to avail the services of Renewal by Andersen.

How Much Would an Andersen Renewal Window Cost?

Renewal by Andersen didn’t disclose the installation or replacement costs. Most of these services come in very subjective quotes and don’t have a “one size fits all” quotation. The price varies greatly from customer to customer. It also depends on factors like the number of windows and doors, the style, and elements you want to add.

The company offers a free consultation, either virtually or in person. Renewal by Andersen also provides financing options to lessen the budget burden. You can ask about these options during the consultation process.

Most companies offer seasonal deals, and Renewal by Andersen is one of them. The company usually posts it on their website, so you better check it from time to time to score a good deal.

As for the warranty, the company has a limited warranty that is fully transferable. It includes:

  • 20-year warranty for the glass and Fibrex materials
  • 10-year warranty for the locks, hinges, and other components
  • 2-year warranty for professional installation

What To Expect During a Renewal Installation

The company has an extensive line of professionals making sure you’ll have a great installation experience. Every employee has ample experience in installing doors and windows in any house. Renewal by Andersen abides by a 4-step process:

  1. Consultation – design consultants will visit your home so they can give your needs fit for your home.
  2. Measurement & Manufacturing – after the consultation, project technicians will take the measurements for fully customized products.
  3. Installation – window installer will put up the products on a specified date.
  4. Post-installation services – mostly include the warranty.

To set some expectations, here’s a quick run-through of the installation day:

  1. Window installers will lay down drop cloths around the installation area.
  2. Once the old window is removed, they will assess if there’s a need for repairs.
  3. After the installation, the window installers will check if they did a good job.
  4. When they deem it as an excellent installation, they will clean up the area.

Keeping Your Andersen Maintained

Once you have your door or window installed by Renewal by Andersen, you need to know how to maintain them. Here are some tips for your cleaning needs:

Fibrex Components

Dilute mild soap on water and use it to clean the Fibrex frames, sash, and grilles. Use a non-abrasive soft cloth or brush when cleaning them.


Remove any grime or dirt on the glass with a soft and dry cloth. After that, use a mild cleaning detergent with a clean, lint-free cloth.

The glass used by the company is unique and a bit sensitive. Renewal by Andersen highly advises not to put sealants, films, or shading devices to avoid any damage or thermal stress.

Moving Components

Get the dirt or any foreign materials on the window sills or tracks by using a small vacuum.

Does Renewal By Andersen Live Up To Its Reputation?

Renewal by Andersen is a well-known replacement window manufacturer. Customers collaborate with expert design advisors, project specialists, and window installers from the planning phase through the final installation. 

Moreover, the durability and quality of the materials utilized with Andersen’s impeccable service will keep you satisfied for decades. Renewal by Andersen can provide you peace of mind when making your decision.

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