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Manufacturer Spotlight: Wausau Tile

Although many people don’t think about it, the exterior of your building makes the largest impact of any other part of it and is the portion people see the most. So every company must do everything they can to allow these spaces to shine: which is why we’re proud to be spotlighting Wausau Tile.

This awesome company has repeatedly shown that it understands what companies and individuals alike need on the exterior of their buildings! This is why Wausau Tile is such a great company that anyone should consider working with.

Who is Wausau Tile?

Over the last 60 years, Wausau Tile has stood out among American tile companies for its keen eye for detail and high-quality products. The multiple things they offer, from pavers to Terrazzo, are each crafted with extreme attention paid to every inch of them so that they’ll last and look as good as possible.

This team describes itself as a craftsman and works together to understand what every company needs while presenting itself as highly respectful and knowledgeable about any questions you may have. Both their products and their work ethic are stunning.

More Than Just Tiles

Although their name may lead you to believe that all they offer is tiles, Wausau offers far more than that! From site furnishings to Terrazzo to architectural pavers, a lot is going on in every design that will leave you stunned and wanting to see more. The chance to pick between smooth or textured finishes, multiple shades and hues, and the incredible longevity of their products are all perks that make Wausau Tiles stand out. 

Precast Terrazzo

If you’re unsure what Terrazzo is, you’ve already seen it and might not realize it! This gorgeous, low-maintenance style can handle heavy foot traffic and looks beautiful with flecks of different colors in it. You can get this coloration in anything from classic tiles to a concrete barrier wall, and every example of it is more stunning than the last. ITs unique and detailed look is an eye-catcher that will leave everyone interested. Although it’s clear and has a strong look, there are multiple shades and hues to ensure it doesn’t overpower the area it’s in.

Site Furnishings

You may assume Wausau Tile mostly offers things like architectural columns and not much else: but they also provide a lot of site furnishings that last as long as their gorgeous tile. These range from trash receptacles to planters and even concrete bollards. Each has a highly-iconic look that stands out and looks beautiful in any surroundings while having the benefit of being extremely well made. 

Architectural Pavers

Pavers can make a huge difference in how easy it is to walk on surfaces and how people feel about a building’s exterior. Because of this, all-in-one pavers are becoming incredibly popular. The ones that Wausau Tile offers allow everyone to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of outdoor space without worrying about tripping or heels getting caught on poor spacing. This is not only attractive but also great for safety.

Where to Find Wausau Tile

There are multiple ways to get your hands on some high-quality Wausau Tile, and the best way to do this is to use their ‘find a rep’ option on their website. This portion of their site allows you to find who’s in your area so that you can contact them and let them know of your needs. In addition, if your company works off-hours or you don’t have the time for a phone call, most reps have their emails listed so that you can contact them there.

Otherwise, their site does have a request form for those who want to get the most out of their time and cut to the chase. This form allows you to simply state what you’re working on and what you need, and they’ll reach out to you with a quote and some recommendations within one to two business days after they’ve delved into your project-specific needs.

We’re Proud to Spotlight Wausau Tile

From their large myriad of products ranging from precast concrete walls to benches, everything that Wausau Tile offers speaks to high-quality craftsmanship. This American company strives to set itself apart not only in quality but also in customer service, where it’s highly ranked. Quick response times, flexibility to work with customers, and a creative touch that allows them to solve any problem ensures this company is on the top of every customer’s favorites list.

Spotlighting Wausau Tile gives us the chance to show off one of the best companies in the country, and we’re proud to do business with them.

The Exterior of A Building Is the Most Seen Part

Whether you’re a business owner, or a contractor working on building the exterior of a building, you must pick the right materials and companies from the moment you start. Wausau Tile is a fantastic business that we’re proud to be connected to, and anyone should consider using.

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