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6 Wall Paneling Uses For Commercial Spaces

wall paneling

Reclaimed wall paneling can do more than just cover a surface; it can transform an area in looks, style, and even function. It makes a perfect design piece for commercial spaces such as hotel lobbies, retail stores and even restaurants.

Here are 6 inspirational uses for wall paneling…

1. Seating Areas Wall Paneling

Wall Paneling

Wall paneling don’t need to be installed on walls in order to be fashionable, functional, or stylish. In this case, panels have been used to help create a seating area for a commercial space. The wood invites people in and makes them feel like this is indeed an area where they can go to relax. The versatile material frames out not only the seats, but a platform and a set of planters as well, making the area even more detailed and welcoming. 

2. Wall Frame Wall Paneling

Wall Paneling

Wood wall panels are a great way to frame a space and help draw some attention to it. While the wood is used over the entirety of the wall just around the corner, it’s used as a frame around this niche. This lets the bold color pop, but still ties the wood paneling in with the hallway nearby. The effect is cohesive, contemporary, and inviting. The light colored wood works well with the bold colors of the office, but helps infuse a natural appearance to the room as a whole. 

3. Restaurant Accents Wall Paneling

Wall Paneling

Rustic wood wall panels are a great way to add some interest and detail to any area of a room. Used here above and below the kitchen serving area, it helps to create a unique frame around the opening. This, in turn, calls more attention to the area and makes it the focal point of the room. People will automatically turn this way when they enter, which can help improve the flow of traffic or direct people where they need to go. 

4. Ceilings Wall Paneling

Wall Paneling

The ceiling is considered the fifth wall in interior design. So why keep the interest of wood wall panels just to the actual walls? These panels help add a lot of interest and warmth to this room when installed on the ceiling. The walls of the room itself are kept plain to let the modern accents take center stage. The warm wood ceiling acts as a contrast, and helps make the room more comfortable and a little more like home than it might be otherwise. 

5. Wall Displays Wall Paneling

Wall Paneling

Want to show off a collection or create a wall display of some kind? Wood wall panels can make an excellent backdrop to any kind of wall display. Whether you hang items directly on the wood or create some niches to recess things into the panels, wood adds a lot of warmth and interest to the area. This helps complement your collection and brings it into greater focus within the room. This is ideal for any type of wall display, from a retail store, to an art gallery, or a unique collection in the living room. 

6. Smooth Wall Panels

Wall Paneling

Sometimes wood is interesting enough to be the accent in the room, rather than the backdrop for something else. This room has a wall completely clad in rich, warm wood paneling. It helps make the room feel more comfortable and adds some much needed contrast to the contemporary furniture. This creates a more inviting atmosphere for anyone who comes inside.

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