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​​The Top 10 Construction Levels in 2022

Who creates the finest building levels? We put many construction levels to the test in this head-to-head to see who builds the best! A level is one of the most basic instruments required by construction and building trades. The only way to test any surface’s slope is to use some level when building something plumb and level or inclined.

Some of the best manufacturers were asked to participate in our head-to-head comparison because construction levels are the most commonly used size level in the construction business.

Different Levels of Construction

Generally, there are different types of levels utilized in construction. Therefore, these tiers are further divided into different categories.

Spirit Levels

A spirit level, sometimes known as a bubble level, is made out of a small glass tube filled with alcohol and a small air bubble sealed within. The top of the tube is slightly bent so that the bubble will rest exactly in the middle when the surface underneath the instrument is horizontal. The “flatness” of the bowed top of the tube determines the accuracy of the bubble levels.

Water Levels

A water-level matches elevations of areas too far away to be covered by spirit levels. Since the beginning of time, these instruments have been around and work on the concept that water will always find its level. This is the ideal tool for taking precise unsighted room-to-room measurements where a spirit of bubble level would be ineffective.

Optical Level

Optical levels are used when a horizontal surface needs to be navigated over long distances, such as the entire construction site. A bubble in the vial determines the level plane. The level is established by looking through a lens at the site.

Leveling Lasers

A laser beam projector produces a fixed red or green beam onto the surface to create a level plane with this sort of level. More expensive models include a vertical or upright level, which improves accuracy.

What Are the Top 10 Favorite Levels?

Let’s walk through some of the top 10 construction levels in the industry:



Professionals with difficult occupations require difficult tools. The Kapro 985T Titan was designed to withstand the rigors of the job site while maintaining pinpoint precision. It has a specifically constructed shock-absorbing surface that runs the length of it. Apply force in whatever way you need to when confidently working with brick or tile.

Even under pressure from trowel or mallet blows, the Titan maintains an impressive accuracy of 0.0005 in./ 1 in. (0.5 mm/m). It has a magnifying vial for better reading in indoor or outdoor work environments. Precision is guaranteed every time, thanks to the carefully milled foundation.


●  Surface that has been finely machined – lengths up to 48″ (120 cm)

●  The entire top has a high-impact strike surface.


●  The shock-absorbing bi-material end caps aren’t particularly solid.

●  Vials are only guaranteed for accuracy and not for life.

WORKPRO Spirit Level 3-Piece Set


The lightweight, robust box beam frame design on the 16″ and 24″ levels has smooth sides—9″ convenient light aluminum housing with a particularly slim design – very strong. The 9-inch spirit level has a machined measuring surface and three powerful button magnets. One vertical vial, 1 horizontal vial, and 1 45-degree vial have easy-to-read high-visibility green bubbles that are clear and straightforward. 


●  Accurate and precise measurements

●  This lightweight instrument’s heavy-duty capabilities enhance its appeal, as it is also simple to set up and extremely durable for precise measurements.


●  It is not a suitable level for large construction.

Vial Design Patented by Verti-site TM


In a restricted location, this can be read from the side. It’s a machined billet aluminum construction with central enlarged vials, UV protection coating for color fading resistance 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, and machined top and bottom surfaces. In addition, 2AAA alkaline batteries are included in the 9-inch illuminated aluminum torpedo level.


●  Accurate measurements in SAE and metrics for various measurement needs.

●  Green bubbles with exceptional visibility are clear and intuitive at three angles: 0, 90, and 45 degrees.


●  Only SAE and Metric measurements are available.

TRUE BLUE Level Empire e75 Series


Acrylic block vials are secured with a reinforced vial locking system that ensures long-term precision. Its shock-absorbing, tool-free replaceable endcaps provide improved protection and scribing performance. This level works well with Precision machined edges to ensure precision.


●  Surface grippers keep the level from sliding on flat or angled surfaces.

●  Ergonomic grip zones enhance comfort and portability


●  Only Rare earth magnets provide higher gripping strength.

Empire 48′′ LED Box Level -e95 Series


This level is surrounded by full Superior vial visibility provided by dual LEDs and a UV Activated Optical Brightener. e-BANDTM vials with high contrast accentuate the bubble’s edge. Acrylic block vials are secured with a reinforced vial locking system that ensures long-term precision.


●  The level is dust and water-resistant, with an IP54 rating.

●  Rare earth magnets with high holding strength are used


●  Manual Shut-off doesn’t extend the battery’s life

Box Beam Level IRWIN 2000


Continuous Edge improves level durability and accuracy with time while protecting the central vial and allowing continuous scribing. This level provides dual-sided, undistorted seeing and simpler, more accurate plumb readings in the plumb position. Scribing into and through corners is easier with retractable end caps, which increases productivity.


●  Productivity is increased with this construction level

●  Continuous scribing is easily achieved


●  Durability level decreases with time

Box Beam Level IRWIN 2500


Extremely durable, thick-walled high-grade aluminum frame resists job site wear and tear. Continuous Edge improves level durability and accuracy with time while protecting the central vial and allowing continuous scribing. This level also provides dual-sided, undistorted seeing and simpler, more accurate plumb readings in the plumb position.


●  This level prevents wear and tear of aluminum frames

●  Accurate plumb readings are attained


●  Precision is needed during construction

Type 196 Stabila Heavy Duty Level


With no change in accuracy tolerance, crystal clear vials can be read in either direction. Hairline indicators in vials made of spring steel. No need for recalibration with the locked vial system. Rubber end caps can be removed for scribing in corners and reading the narrow header and sill holes.


●  Rubber end caps hold walls while leaving no marks

●  Metal Hanging hole for level storage on site


There are two rubberized hand grips for comfort and grip that make the level cumbersome.

R Beam Type 300, Stabila Level


This level is ergonomic and user-friendly. It has a 3 Straight Edges Precision. Users of the level will enjoy a smooth Handle Finish, Fender Grip, and Continuous Smooth Strength. This heavy-duty level has over 2X the horizontal strength of our Smooth Strength.


●  This level never needs to be adjusted

●  Lifetime guarantee on vials


●  Durability level depreciates with time

FATMAX Premium Box Beam Level


For maximum readability accuracy, the center block vial has been magnified. Block plumb vials for the precision of 0005-in. The end cap can be removed for clean and precise marks. It comprises a rafter hook that folds out for simple storage on-site


●  This level guarantees maximum accuracy in construction

●  The rafter hook slows for better storage


●  The end cap can be misplaced easily

Choosing the Right Construction Level

The visibility and readability of the vials are one of the most important characteristics of a good level. The level vials in five of the seven levels in this examination use a conventional yellow/green spirit hue.

Some factors to put into consideration when choosing a construction level include:

●  The positioning of the vial within the level frame and the visibility of the actual vial contribute to the overall visibility of these levels.

●  Cut-outs in the frame of the levels, for example, create a “window” to the vial. On the other hand, the subsequent levels have a full notch at the vial, providing better sight.

●  There is strength vs. visibility trade-off. The first levels stated above provide the level frame with more continuity and protection for the vial.

●  Check out their bending strength in both the strong and weak axes to determine how strong these levels are.

Final Thoughts

Construction levels are a very important aspect of construction, and choosing the right construction levels allows for accuracy in construction processes. The different construction levels highlighted in this article are a great option for every builder, as many factors were considered before this list. You can hardly go wrong with any of these construction levels.

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