The Rise of the DIY Design Culture

DIY Design Culture

Over the past few years, design for the home has certainly changed. Gone are the days when homeowners visit a home interior store for design ideas. Today’s homeowners are scouring the internet, using sites like Pinterest or HGTV to gain inspiration for decorating the home. Homeowners today want to try Do-It-Yourself projects instead of letting someone else do the work for them. It can be quite exciting as well as fulfilling to find a DIY design project and complete it, adding style to the home once finished. DIY design culture is certainly on trend and there are many ways that DIYers are adding to the home. Read on to find unique ways that homeowners are tackling projects for their property.

Consider Steel Log Siding

DIY projects are not just for the interior of the home. New homeowners of fixer uppers like to get their hands dirty and often head outside to work on projects within the exterior of the home. Take for example steel log siding. Do you want your home to have a rustic look of a log cabin without the maintenance of real wood? If so, this look can be achieved with steel log siding. Steel log siding is a siding panel option that can be placed on the outside of the home. The siding creates a unique look for the home, without any added upkeep or maintenance. Homeowners will need time and patience to complete this project, but once finished, the home will have a unique look and durable exterior.

Decorate with Canvas Prints

Part of DIY décor in the home is customized artwork. Homeowners today now opt for creating their own artwork instead of going shopping for art pieces. DIY artwork can be much more fulfilling as well as cost-effective. Take, for example, canvas prints. This simple DIY option can be completed in a variety of ways. Homeowners who like to take photographs can upload their snapshots online and create canvas prints of these photos. Any room in the home can have a unique art piece by simply taking a photo and applying it to the canvas.

Original artwork can also be used to create canvas prints. There are companies that offer uploading options for original art designs. Simply add your creation to the site and have a canvas printed to be used in the home. The options are endless, with canvas prints coming in all shapes and sizes to help you create custom art pieces.

Install Ventilation Soffits

Sometimes DIY projects are not just for looks. A DIY project for the home can add value as well as benefits to the home. Take soffits example. With aluminum soffits, ventilation is provided to and from the attic space and helps with energy costs. With a good balance between the soffit and roof ventilation, the comfort levels inside the homestay at proper temperatures. Heat does not build up in the attic, so HVAC costs are minimized.

These are just a few examples of DIY design projects taking place in homes today. Think of how you might spice up your home with a few of the ideas above. No matter how experienced you are, there are tons of resources available to help you tackle home renovations with little to no added contractor expenses. 

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