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The Best Screeding Levels For 2020

Gone are the days when you could just ‘eyeball’ or roughly estimate how flat the level of a construction ground looked.

Now, contractors have access to tools that give them the ability to accurately measure every inch of their project – and build everything with superior precision.

This is why screeding levels are one of the must-haves in every contractor’s tool kit. These types of levels are flat metal bars primarily used in landscaping and construction work to level out cement, sand, and paving stones.

Specifically, there are two kinds of screed levels:

  1. Screed levels with vials
  2. Screed levels without vials

This guide will help you find the right screeding level that matches your professional requirements perfectly.

The Best New Screeding Levels

There are a few key factors you need to consider when choosing the right screed level for your project. You can start by checking the following off your list:

1. Inverted Measurement

Ask yourself: Does the project require inverted measurements, for fitting ceilings, for example?

If most of your projects come with requirements for inverted measurements, there is now a tool that is specifically designed to serve this purpose.

2. Handling Comfort

Handling accidents are common on worksites, which is why it is extremely important to invest in equipment that is designed and manufactured according to the latest safety standards and protocols.

3. Profile Strength

High-quality screed levels come with a profile weight (the wall thickness) of at least 650g/linear meters – this gives you an idea of the tool’s lifespan.

Contractors are advised not to use a screed level with a profile weight lower than 650g/liner meters as it can lead to accuracy and longevity issues.

4. Quality Control

High-quality screed levels come with a maximum measuring tolerance which is noted on them. Please note that this limit may not exceed 1.00 mm/m.

The factors mentioned above must all be considered before buying a screed level. Choose a reliable supplier like Sola to get the best in quality and performance.

Here are a few models of screed levels that are perfect for most projects.  

1. AL 2607

Made out of aluminum, this is SOLA’s newest addition to their line of screed levels.

As a screeding edge without a vial, it is available in 100, 150 and 200cm that can easily work for different project requirements.

Made from an ergonomic, torsionally-rigid aluminum profile, this level has a long lifespan which makes it a great one-time investment.

AL 2607’s versatility allows you to apply and remove cement, mud and/or stones with ease – making this a 2-in-1 deal for contractors.

Moreover, its multi-purpose qualities eliminate the need for you to carry too many tools around on-site.

2. SL 2

Made with an aluminum box profile, this screed is a high-tolerance, rugged tool that comes with horizontal and vertical vials for greater precision and accuracy.

Patented SOLA FOCUS vials offer accurate and fast readings so that you can deliver the quality that comes with your name.

What’s more, the vials come with a hefty guarantee of 30 years.

This model offers you a measuring tolerance standard position of 0.75 mm/m (0.043°) with an inverted measurement of 1.00 mm/m (0.057°) to 250 cm.

You can choose one from 100, 150, 180, 200, 250, or 300cm lengths, depending on the nature of your project.

3. SLG 1

Made with an aluminium box profile, SLG 1 is ideal for horizontal measurements. The aluminium alloy profile makes this tool an extremely rugged option with a long shelf life ideal for rigorous construction work.

SLG 1’s integrated handles make it an invaluable (and comfortable) tool for construction workers, which can lead to an increase in work efficiency.

In addition, it is equipped with patented SOLA FOCUS horizontal vials that help ensure high accuracy. The shock-absorbing end caps provide next-level protection and maintain unparalleled safety – regardless of the job.

The vials are break-resistant and come with a guarantee of 30 years which makes it a great investment for contractors who have rigorous screed work on their schedule.

It has a measuring tolerance standard position of 0.75 mm/m (0.043°). You can also choose from 300, 400 and 500 cm measuring lengths, depending on your use.

4. SLGI 2

It’s a fact; slippery tools at construction sites can lead to inaccuracy and accidents.

SLGI 2 comes with integrated handles and shock-absorbing end caps, making it an invaluable tool for certain jobs where safety is a concern.

Equipped with patented SOLA FOCUS horizontal and vertical vials, this SLGI 2 ensures accuracy of the highest order.

It is made out of high-strength aluminum alloy which gives exemplary performance every time, without letting daily wear and tear affect your measurements.

Other features that make this tool stand out are:

  • Measuring tolerance standard position of 0.75 mm/m (0.043°)
  • Measuring tolerance inverted measurement of 1.00 mm/m (0.057°) to 250 cm
  • Horizontal and vertical measurement capabilities with two vials

5. SLX 2

Craftsmen have a wide variety of lengths to pick from in the SLX 2 series. You can choose from 150, 180, 200, 250 and 300cm lengths depending on your project’s requirements.

The SLX 2 screed level is made with an aluminum box profile and offers next-level accuracy for horizontal and vertical measurements.

It comes with acrylic block vials that are break-resistant – horizontal and vertical – and are made with the utmost precision and patented by SOLA FOCUS.

Enjoy the unwavering reliability of this screed level with a guarantee of 30 years.

6. AL 1008

If you’re looking for something simple that comes in a variety of lengths, then AL 1008 is perfect for you. There are currently five lengths available:

  • AL 1008 200 – 200 cm
  • AL 1008 250 – 250 cm
  • AL 1008 300 – 300 cm
  • AL 1008 400 – 400 cm
  • AL 1008 500 – 500 cm

Integrated with world-class handles to ensure comfort and shock-absorbing end caps for safety, this rugged tool is a great investment for projects that require basic level screed work.

A good quality screeding level is an invaluable addition to a contractor’s tool kit and should be selected based on all the factors discussed above.

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