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Tamko vs. GAF – Which Shingle Is Better?

Choosing the right shingle for your roof can be a challenging task, especially with so many options in the market and each manufacturer claiming to have a better product with better features than the other.
Roofing shingles make the difference between having a dry house and one open to the elements after a storm, so choosing correctly is essential. Furthermore, manufacturing roof shingles is a cut-throat market, with many companies supplying similar products and warranties. So, how do you determine which shingle is better?


There are many manufacturers in the US, but Tamko and GAF probably stand out as the best, with architectural and designer ranges compliant with many industry safety standards. However, to select wisely, we must try to understand the pros and cons of their shingle ranges before deciding which is best for your roof and pocket.

Tamko Shingles Overview


Missouri-based Tamko Building Products LLC, trading since 1944, is probably best known for its roofing products. Generally, the company offers asphalt and steel shingles in a wide range of colors and styles to suit almost any roof. 

Furthermore, included in its asphalt range, you’ll find:

  • Heritage Ranges: $0.85-$2.15/sq.ft.
  • ELITE Glass-Seal: $0.70-$0.80/sq.ft.

In comparison, the steel MetalWorks ranges cost $4-$6/sq.ft.

Benefits of Tamko shingles vs. GAF:

  • Laminates with vivid colors and a unique granular mixture.
  • A fiberglass mat with self-sealing asphalt and a weather-grade asphalt coating.
  • The color blends provide a 3D enhanced shadow effect. 

Contact your local supplier for advice on which range best suits your roof.

GAF Shingles Overview


After trading for over 80 years, The RUBEROID Co. created a range of laminated shingles in 1967. Then, they merged with GAF and took its brand name. Since then, GAF’s innovative roof coverings have enabled the company to manufacture North America’s most popular roofing products. Overall, the company produces nine architectural shingle ranges costing $60-$260/100sq.ft and seven designer ranges costing $150-$350/100sq.ft. 

Benefits of GAF shingles vs.Tamko:

  • Sixteen lines of asphalt shingles.
  • A complete Lifetime Roofing System, ensuring no leaks.
  • The designer ranges mimic natural slates.
  • A database of certified roofing contractors.
  • Some of the best warranties available.

Contact your local supplier for advice on which range is best for your roof.


Tamko shingles have two layers of fiberglass mat covered in laminated asphalt with a granular surface. In comparison, GAF shingles generally have 3-5 laminates of fiberglass reinforced asphalt. Therefore, both companies’ shingle surfaces are proof against wind and rain damage, and tough enough to discourage birds from damaging the surface for many years.

Moisture Resistance

The many overlapping and laminated waterproof layers on both companies’ shingles prevent rain from penetrating the roof space and damaging the building’s structure and furnishings. 

To help choose between Tamko vs. GAF, you should inspect the warranties for your desired range and compare the warranty durations and exclusions.

Wind Resistance

Wind resistance is essential for roof coverings. Otherwise, high wind velocities will lift the shingles, exposing the house’s interior to damage.

Comparing GAF vs. Tamko, GAF TimberlineHD and Tamko Heritage Vintage comply with:

  • ASTM-D7158 Class-H for wind-uplift resistance for winds up to 150mph.
  • ASTM-3161 Class-F for resisting wind velocities of up to 110mph. 

If fixed correctly, both these shingles should withstand hurricane windspeeds of 100-150mph. However, ask your local supplier for advice based on their knowledge of your local weather.

Fire Rating

It’s sensible for roofing materials to have the best fire-resistance possible. Otherwise, sparks and embers from nearby fires or chimneys could spread to your home via the roof, with severe and sometimes fatal consequences. UL Solutions, the global safety-certification company, rates building materials for fire resistance, with Class A being the most resistant. Both GAF and Tamko shingles comply with UL790 (Class A).


Warranties guarantee that the manufacturer will remedy the issue if any design or manufacturing faults affect the shingles’ performance. To comply with warranty conditions, install the shingles following the manufacturer’s instructions. To help, both companies have certified contractors databases, fully-trained in GAF and Tamko installation procedures. 

Both companies offer up to 50-year warranties, depending on local weather conditions and the range you buy from. 

Typically, warranty cover includes:

  • Wind damage.
  • Hail damage.
  • UV light fading.
  • Algae growth. However, most of Tamko’s products don’t have algae protection.

Contact your local supplier for details.

Available Colors

GAF shingles come in colors to suit most roofs:

  1. Beige/Gold.
  2. Green/Blue.
  3. Red/Brown.
  4. Gray/Black.

Also, Tamko shingles’ popular colors include:

  1. Weathered-Wood.
  2. Natural-Timber.
  3. Rustic-Black.
  4. Rustic-Cedar.
  5. Thunderstorm-Grey.

Although, there are many more.

How to Choose the Best Shingle for Your Roof

Your shingle selection depends on your budget, local weather conditions, and aesthetic preferences. Established and reputable companies like GAF and Tamko produce shingles suitable for any architectural décor at prices for all budgets, which comply with applicable building safety standards. Therefore, contact suppliers of both brands and select the shingle that best suits your circumstances.

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