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Manufacturer Spotlight: StoCorp.

From custom cast resin shapes that look like wood or brick to gorgeous metallic finishing that will leave anyone stunned, Stocast offers the chance to allow any building to have an attractive look while focusing on sustainable and low-maintenance materials. 

We’re proud to showcase Sto Corp. because of their intimate understanding of what every building and company needs while still giving high-quality customer service every inch of the way.

These are the top things to know about this all-star company and what it can offer you.

Who is StoCorp.?

StoCorp is a global company that’s focused on building high-quality products that allow the exterior of any building to instantly change to something dazzling and attractive. Well aware that many people judge facilities and companies by their exteriors, StoCorp offers the chance to change everything while still adhering to using eco-conscious materials that will last as long as possible.

What Do They Offer?

StoCorp offers a large range of items that will allow you to make the facade of your company’s exterior into whatever you want. This means prefabricated exterior wall panels that suit whatever style or material speaks to you so that you never run out of inspiration and gorgeous building options. Although many may think this is purely an aesthetic change, these products also help fight against moisture, noise pollution, and insect life in the same ways that siding does. Investing in StoCorp products for your business is an awesome decision regardless of how old your building is. 

StoCast Brick and Wood

Cast in resin, StoCast products can copy the look and appeal of wood or brick without being quite as expensive or as risky as wood can be. This high-quality surface allows for greater conservation of natural material resources while also minimizing time and energy consumption that can come from transportation and extensive installation. Even the concrete repair if anything goes wrong is fast and simple. 

StoColor Metallic

StoColor Metallic gives you the chance to enjoy the StoGuard air and moisture barrier while getting to pick a color from the large range of metallic effect pigments that are available. These range from red, to green, to vivid gold and blue, all giving something different from the average building. This ensures that your company stands out and looks stunning while also ensuring you don’t have to pay the high price that metal panels come with.

With a StoColor metallic base and the metallic effect pigments spread on top and then coupled with a clear coat sealer, you won’t have to worry about how long it lasts since it’s above grade. There’s no end to the number of ways this can be used, and its luminous depth ensures that you never get sick of looking at it.

StoPanel 3DP and With Kawneer Windows

This 3D printed system includes all of the awesome control layers of a complete building envelope. It is engineered to achieve incredibly unique and customizable 3D shapes that are lightweight and capable of handling any building exterior you want them on. These eye-catching shapes can instantly make your building look like a piece of art, like folding fabric in the wind or an awesome rippling effect. This will make your building stand out and give it an incredible personality.

StoPanels, when paired with Kawneer windows, ensures that your exterior walls have gorgeous windows that are easily installed and thoughtfully made to reduce on-site labor and installation time. Although Sto Corp. may seem like it handles a lot, from cement board stucco to metallic faux-metal sheets, you can trust that every product is well-made with your needs in mind.

Where to Find StoCorp.

Although Sto America’s headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, you can contact them to reach out about their products from around the country. They have a contact sheet that goes into depth to help you find what you need so that when they call you, they’ll be fully prepared to set you up with a system or a quote that will ensure your business stands out against the competition. 

We’re Proud to Spotlight StoCorp.

StoCorp. stands out against all other companies and gives your business the chance to stand out as well. From their incredible and outstanding customer service that handles every need you have to their amazing long-lasting products that ensure they’re doing the most eco-friendly job possible, there’s no end to the number of ways you can enjoy their products.

We take putting our name with companies seriously, and with StoCorp, we never have to question their quality. They understand their customers’ needs and go above and beyond every single time.

Curb Appeal Isn’t Just For Houses.

Whether you own a multi-home residence or you’re working on updating your company’s exterior, you must go for products that you’re proud to use. We’re shining our spotlight on StoCorp. because of the fantastic quality and aesthetic of every product they offer, so don’t hold yourself back: Contact StoCorp. today and allow them to wow you.

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