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Whether you own and operate a commercial building or a multi-family residential space, an adequate fire protection system is necessary to ensure that your property meets all local and state building codes.

While it is possible to retrofit buildings to make sure that they are equipped with all necessary parts and equipment, it is best to plan the system into your initial building designs, that way you do not have to go back and find areas for sprinkler heads and repurpose an area for a pump room.

Whatever the case, getting a quality system in your building is of utmost importance, with the industry leaders at Smoke Guard a premier option for handling all of your fire suppression needs.

What is the Purpose of a Fire Suppression System?

A quality fire suppression system will help stop the spread of flames and smoke and reduce the spread of flames and smoke that is already in a building.

While systems are unique to each building, with no two systems identical as they are tailored to meet the needs of specific spaces, all buildings will have some combination of suppression system and emergency action plan that includes:

  • Sprinkler heads
  • Ventilation systems
  • Fire-resistant walls
  • Smoke detectors
  • Smoke curtains
  • Evacuation maps
  • Emergency lights

The professionals at Smoke Guard can look at the layout of your building and the materials used for fabrication to determine the ideal system for your specific space. They will recommend a combination of features that actively combat fire and smoke when a problem arises, such as sprinkler heads, while also considering the passive measures that would prevent a fire from starting in the first place, such as the quality of fire insulation in your walls and ceilings. 

Benefits of a Fire Suppression System

Before getting into the more advanced benefits, all states and localities require some form of fire protection measures in commercial and multi-family residential properties to meet building codes, with sprinklers, smoke and fire detection, and emergency lights a minimum to clear your property as operational.

However, while this is a minimum benefit to installing a suppression system, the advanced offerings at Smoke Guard offer much more than that. The experts at Smoke Guard will consider all areas of your space, from its potentially flammable design features to the number of occupants that typically inhabit it, to make sure that all areas of the building are equipped with the correct system.

Furthermore, as many modern buildings are constructed with an open-flow concept, some may be concerned that the lack of barriers can give fire the opportunity to spread rapidly. However, Smoke Guard suppression systems are designed to be compatible with any type of building layout, with smoke and fire screens deployable, as necessary, for these large, open spaces, as well as sprinkler heads strategically placed no more than 15 feet apart and capable of covering 200 square feet in any direction.

What Kinds of Buildings Need a Fire Suppression System?

Although commercial and multi-family residences are required to have fire protection measures included in their design, the scope of this is enormous, with buildings such as hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, dormitories, arenas, apartment complexes, and airports just a few of the examples of properties that must be equipped with suppression systems.

This may leave you wondering about private, single-family residences. While private homes are not held to the same standard, if you own a luxury home and/or are in an area given to wildfires, it may be worth your time to contact Smoke Guard and explore your options for protecting what is yours.


As building codes require the presence of a fire suppression system in commercial and multi-family residences, it is worth your time to include them in your initial building plans. To maximize the quantity of protective features while complementing your design concept, contact the professionals at Smoke Guard to find the ideal system for your space.

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