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Slot Drain Systems – Manufacturer Spotlight

slot drain

For a long time, there were not many options when it came to drainage systems. There were various types of trench drains, but not much else. However, times have changed and now businesses have a new, better option available to them: slot drains from Slot Drain® Systems.

Slot Drain® Systems' slot drains cater to various industries from wineries, food processing, manufacturing to agriculture by providing a top of the line slot drain system that solves problems that common grated trench drain systems have.

Let's take a look at the various advantages that slot drains have over the traditional trench drains. 

1. A Slot Drain System Doesn't Have Grates


Most traditional drains, such as trench drains are easily recognized by the presence of a grate. These grated drains help direct water away from the ground and into the sewage collection, but are heavy and troublesome and must be removed for the drains to be properly cleaned. Slotted drains, however, eliminate that problem as they are a grateless system that comes as a pre sloped trench drain. This makes them easier to clean and help to eliminate some of the bigger safety risks that come with moving grates.

 2. A Slot Drain System is More Sanitary


Because of the materials used to make trench drains, and the extra steps needed to properly clean a trench drain system, sanitation cannot always be ensured. Slot drains, on the other hand, are made using a single, pre-sloped piece of food-grade stainless steel, which is naturally more resistant to bacteria, mold, and contamination. Being a single sheet of product also means there are no cracks or ridges where sewage can get trapped and go uncleaned.

3. A Slot Drain System Is Cheaper

Installing drainage systems naturally cost money. Trench drains require a large amount of excavation in some cases, cement to hold it in place, and, of course, the grates to cover the actual drain. Over time, grates can erode and break down, requiring replacing. Even the trench drain channel itself can need fixing over time, depending on the material used to form it. Fortunately, slot drains are much easier to install and are made of high-quality materials that will last a very long time and therefore cost a lot less overall. Added to that, the lack of a grate means there is no need to spend extra money on replacement parts every few years.

4. A Slot Drain System Is Safer


With more concern being placed on all aspects of a business with the American Disability Act, even drainage systems need to ensure their ADA compliance. Grated trench drains tend to stick out a little, which can create potential tripping hazards for people. Slot drains blend seamlessly with the floor, eliminating any potential safety issues in that sense. Additionally, slot drains have a higher weight bearing capacity, meaning they will not break under the weight of large machinery.

5. A Slot Drain System Has Better Odor Control

Drainage systems work by diverting sewage away from the ground level, keeping floors clean. Even still, trench drains have wider, un-sloped channels which allow standing water to collect leading to foul odors. Since they are harder to clean, there is a chance that some of the sewage gets missed, which can add to the smell. Whereas slot drains are a thinner pre-sloped system where water is drained away automatically to help ensure no foul odors will begin forming.

A More Efficient Drainage System for Your Business


There are a number of drainage systems around, but when it comes down to it, a slotted drain system is the best option around. Not only do slot drains provide excellent drainage at a lower cost, but they are easier to clean, more sanitary, and are a much safer option. So, as you begin considering a new drainage system for your business, be sure to consider a grateless slot drain system—it will be well worth it.

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