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Nichiha Manufacturer Product Review

Nichiha was founded in Japan in 1956 and has been providing customers with high quality fiber cement products and customer service ever since. In 1998 the Nichiha team expanded to the US, establishing a headquarters in Johns Creek, GA and later opening a 300,000 square-foot manufacturing plant in Macon GA.

The Nichiha team harnesses the power of manufactured material with custom design solutions to create long-lasting architectural wall panels. Their

wall panels or plank siding is installed on a track, making it easy to customize

or even change out at a fraction of the cost of other building materials.


Architectural Wall Panels

The architectural wall panels from Nichiha come in a variety of colors and mimic the look of other building materials like wood, concrete, and brick, without the building and maintenance requirements.

Wall panels also offer moisture management through a built-in rainscreen.

Premium Plank Siding

Nichiha’s premium plank siding offers homeowners and property managers an alternative to traditional lap siding or cedar shake, which is vulnerable to warping, rotting, and pest damage. Their highly-durable premium plank siding can withstand extreme weather like high winds and fire.

Additionally, it’s highly-durable and can withstand extreme weather like high winds and fire.

Hardware and Accessories

The architectural wall panel hardware for your Nichiha system are thoughtfully designed

and intended to work to keep panels intact and moisture out. A Nichiha system

has a hidden fastening system to keep design consistent and facilitate an easy

install; their patented drainage channel keeps water flowing away from the wall

and back-ventilation keeps air flowing, preventing mold and water damage in

building cavities.  



Whether you are looking for a classic look, or an exterior design that is more edgy and modern, commercial fiber cement siding from Nichiha can help you achieve your design goals. Nichiha products come in an array of styles that can be installed year-round, regardless of temperature, which can limit the use of other building materials.

Building management teams around the world have a renewed focus on indoor air quality, and at Nichiha they know that exterior air quality can have a big impact on what happens inside. With moisture management systems, critical air quality management can also be done from the outside in.  

If you’re looking to add additional personality and style to your building, Nichiha also has a designer series that’s an alternative to metal materials with a high-gloss shine. [great photo on:]


There are many types of residential fiber cement siding available from Nichiha for both custom homes or multi-family residences.

Homeowners who want exterior designs that set them apart from the crowd can take advantage of Nichiha’s variety of colors, textures, and sizes to personalize their home. The durable plank or panel solutions reduce the overall exterior maintenance and can be used inside and out allowing for a rich visual experience.

The fiber cement solution withstands extreme temperature fluctuations without weathering or buckling, and is wind, fire, and moisture resistant.

Multifamily residences can benefit even more from using Nichiha’s fiber cement systems, as a common problem facing multifamily buildings are pests. Nichiha’s fiber cement panels give clients a pest control solution with their superior moisture management systems.


Dependable and long-lasting fiber cement solutions are a low-maintenance and functional option for siding in hospitality buildings. With Nichiha you can create consistent and recognizable designs that can be easily installed, saving time and money on complex commercial building projects.


Nichiha’s architectural wall panels can come with up to a 15-year warranty, and their designs have lasted up to 50 years! But, proper care must be taken from install through to maintenance to make the most of this great warranty.

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Technical Design Review

The experts at Nichiha are committed to your success with their products. They offer a free technical design review meeting and can help you figure out the next steps in your project. This valuable time spent can ensure proper specifications, reduce your overall design hours, lower the project cost by optimizing panel layout to reduce waste and change orders, and verify that your panel applications will preserve the product warranty.

Continuing Education

If you are looking to stay on the cutting edge of design and earn continuing education credits, Nichiha offers AIA-approved courses on topics like how AWP performs in extreme weather, how to use fiber cement siding products as rainscreens, and more.

Resource Center

Nichiha’s team is committed to your success when using their products. Detailed spec sheets, instructional videos, frequently asked questions, and more support is available through their Resource Center.

Getting started with Nichiha

If you want durable, stylish, and high-performing fiber cement wall panels or premium plank siding, check out what Nichiha has to offer. Their solutions fit projects of all sizes, reduce design time, lower overall maintenance costs, and add visual interests to buildings around the world.

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