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13 LP Smart Siding Board and Batten Siding Ideas

LP’s SmartSide Engineered Wood Panels is making waves in the North American construction industry. Its proprietary technology allows these engineered wood panels to be the best of them all. Resilience from hail, wind, moisture, fungal decay and termites are some of the listed features of LP’s SmartSide Engineered Wood.

Check out our gallery of different Board and Batten Siding Ideas that you can use for your next home project!

1. Wide and Thin Battens Using LP Smartside


A combination of wide and thin battens of engineered siding installation can add a versatile look onto your home. In this example, it provides a dynamic look when combined with exterior shingles and brick. You can definitely pull off this look with LP’s Shoreline Cream through our entire line of LP SmartSide Products.

2. LP Smartside Board and Batten in Quarry Gray


Quarry Gray is one of LP SmartSide’s best selling colors. Pairing it with Desert Stone takes it to a whole new level. When choosing your preferred siding, you don’t have to limit yourself to one color. It’s a great idea to mix and match two or three colors to create a dynamic design.

3. Vertical Siding with Farmhouse Look Using LP Smartside


The conventional vertical siding installation coupled with a farm door in LP SmartSide’s snowscape white panels creates a simple and understated look for a backyard shed. 

4. Colorful Facade ideas Using LP Smartside


LP SmartSide’s marshland moss panels make the perfect backdrop for an aqua-colored door. With 16 Expert Finish colors, you’ll have the ability to mix and match different colors, as well as different boards and trim.

5. Monochromatic Color Scheme with a Bold Accent Using LP Smartside Products


Snowscape white and Quarry Gray battens pair easily with bold accents such as red or crimson. A monochromatic facade now becomes the perfect background for a quaint tiny home or a backyard shed project!

6. Farmhouse Feels Using LP Smartside Products


A farmhouse clad with a combination of thin and thick strips of vertical siding creates a clean and aesthetic look for this simple cabin-inspired home. 

7. Low Maintenance Look Using LP Smartside Board and Batten


Lovin’ a gray facade? You may consider LP SmartSide’s Cavern Steel as your choice of siding. It possesses the perfect balance between white and black, making your facade look brighter without the danger of having to clean and maintain it often. It’s perfect for those folks who value aesthetics but do not have the time for regular maintenance.

8. Warm and Neutral Color Ideas Using LP Smartside


Looking for a warmer shade of LP Siding? Consider a combination of Terra Brown and Canyon Brown for your home. These warmer shades of LP Smart Siding Boards perfectly match natural materials like brick and rough cut stone. 

9. Vertical Siding Ideas Using LP Smartside


A simple application of vertically arranged LP Smartside panels in Timberland Suede takes this tiny home to a whole new different level.

10. Seamless and Flush Application Using LP Smartside Products


There is no limit on what LP SmartSide’s products can achieve. You can choose between a seamless application flush altogether, just like this example over here. 

11. Horizontal and Vertical Siding Combination using LP Smartside Products


A combination of horizontally and vertically oriented siding seems to be a crowd favorite. Luckily, through LP SmartSide’s vast array of different products, you can achieve this look, maybe even better. 

12. Mix and Match Different Colors and Products Using LP Smartside


It’s always a great idea to mix and match colors, especially in siding applications. In this case, LP Smartside’s Tundra Gray becomes the perfect pair for Desert Stone. Both applied horizontally and vertically on the facade.

13. Rustic Log Cabin Look Achieved Using LP Smartside Products


If a rustic log cabin is the design concept you are going for, consider the color Redwood Red for your LP Smart Siding. It has just the perfect shade of brown that captures the color of most rustic log cabins. 

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