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7 Grey Board and Batten Siding Ideas For Every Homeowner to Like

When selecting a new paint for your exterior, it’s never a bad choice to use a basic neutral color. But if you want to stand out, consider a darkened makeover with grey paint. 

Grey has made its way into modern exterior designs in recent years, and creates a unique aesthetic that homeowners love. So, here are 7 grey board and batten siding ideas if you’re looking for inspiration.

1. Dark-Grey With White Trims


Using a color dark grey for your board and batten makes your white trims pop. Although it may look gloomy, bright trims help lessen its dull appearance. Many people believe that the combination of dark grey exterior hue and white trim creates a frigid appearance, and they are correct.

As a result, it’s understandable if some people are concerned that it won’t make their homes look welcome. Using a dark wood-colored front door has a naturally warm and friendly appearance, which might aid in making the outdoor ambiance cozier. 

2. Dark-Grey With Blue Undertone And Wooden Accents


By using a dark gray with a blue undertone, you can see how varied the same hue may seem depending on the trimmings, accent colors, and textures. As seen in the photo above, the varnished wood makes your front façade seem more than friendly. 

Natural light makes everything appear more presentable without the gloominess of the grey board and batten overpowering the overall appearance. This color choice is highly saturated. It is best paired with natural tones such as wooden elements and landscaping to lighten the dark feel. 

3. Light-Grey With Black And White Accents


Neutral tones like light grey and white usually give off a smooth and relaxing appearance. Using black as an accent color can serve to ground these tones while also increasing the depth of the exterior design. Shutters, entrance doors, and porches are a few examples of excellent places to use black as an accent color in addition to your white trims.

4. Light-Grey With White Trims


Changing your statement color to dark grey with white trim as an accent color will give your home a new and renewed appeal. As you can see, the overall aesthetic brings the home to life more than a deeper shade of grey would. A light grey color offers a warm undertone that creates a pleasant environment on the house’s exterior.

5. Neutral Overhaul


Here’s an interesting one. How about painting your entire exterior, including your roof, a neutral grey? Although it looks dull, lifeless, and boring, there is an upside to this. Your interior will stand out through the windows and main door, especially in the evening. Additionally, your front yard, outdoor garden, and other home features will draw more attention than intended. 

6. Light-Grey With Vivid Wooden Accents


Whether integrated into the porch, awnings, shutters, or main doorway, wood elements provide a rustic yet modern beauty to a home’s outside character and general comfort. 

Naturally light-toned wood, such as oak and maple, complements a light grey home with white trim extremely well. Also, if you have any dark trimmings, they match the dark contours and shadows in natural light.

7. Grey And Red Two-Tone With Dark Trims


Using a more vibrant hue, such as red, makes your house’s exterior visually more attractive. The black trimmings provide a prominent outline and a monochromatic aesthetic that softens the overpowering character of your sidings. 

Additionally, the black trimmings complement the vibrant colors and wooden elements as an accent. You can spice it up by painting the exterior in this two-tone pattern and softening it with landscaping and natural tones.

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