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17 Board And Batten Farmhouse Siding Ideas


Times have changed, and there are many new ways to make contemporary designs fit in with ease. So, if you’re looking for the perfect modern farmhouse aesthetic, here are 17 board and batten farmhouse siding ideas that might appeal to your taste.

1. Bright Neutral Tone With Dark Trims


A neutral tone for your farmhouse will always be eye-catching. But when neutral-toned exteriors are paired with dark trims, it gives the whole thing a new look.

Neutral tones give off somewhat a dull yet modern vibe, while the dark trims make your house features stand out more.

You could go with black, deep red, varnish brown, or even navy blue for your trims. It would still depend on the colors you chose for your board and batten. Darker trims can give your exterior a firm appearance.

2. Neutral Tone With Textured Siding For Accent


Lightly colored board and batten farmhouse siding is also a great way to experiment with texture. Rather than having a consistent façade, separate the area into two or more sections using different styles, such as shake or shingles.

Mixing and matching different types of siding may give your home character and charm, but it can also be difficult to do right without help.

While some homeowners blend materials to get a modern look, others already have a mixed house exterior that needs updating.

3. Neutral Tone With Wooden Accents


Wood tones may be found in various places in our houses, including the environment. The space’s paint colors and other furnishings should complement and enhance the wood’s natural beauty, creating an elegant harmony.

But you need to consider things when choosing wooden accents, like the wood’s color. The accents should not overpower your statement to achieve an appealing finish.

4. Dark Theme/Black And White


Although many design fads come and go, black exteriors have managed to stay on top owing to their timeless character. 

Dark exterior colors make your farmhouse features stand out more, especially if they contrast or have more vibrant colors like the stone design seen in the image above.

It’s worth noting that dark-themed structures have pros and cons. A good example of a con would be that darker exterior colors give the illusion that visually shrinks your farmhouse look.

5. Multi-Texture 


Choosing a dark and light color combination or a neutral with vibrant color would be best. Even different tones of the same hue might be used, which applies to mixed textures.

It’s also worth noting that an external color scheme often falls into three categories: the major color (or statement color), the roof color, and the accent colors. If you’re serious about changing mixed texture siding, you should consider adding a fourth. 

6. Multi-Texture With Color Scheme


Multi-textured sidings would also look good with a color scheme. Use at least three colors to highlight your outside walls and roof, as well as any accents.

This method can be used as a general guideline for the color scheme. Using different hues to emphasize the material difference in a two-sided exterior scheme.

7. Two-type Siding


Instead of having three or four types of siding textures, why not settle for two? Two-type sidings look neat and offer a simple yet attractive aesthetic. 

Ensure that the colors you choose for the two siding materials complement the rest of your home’s exterior. 

If you’re going to use various shades of the same hue for both, make sure they contrast with the roof, front door, and window frames.

8. Hard Contrast


Bright natural light and shadows cast by trees, nearby buildings, and even the structure itself make more noticeable alterations than a color change of one shade. The contrast of exterior colors has a visual impact on the look of a property.

9.   Feeling Blue


A color shift of one shade is less obvious than bright natural light and shadows created by trees, neighboring buildings, and especially the board and batten. 

The visual influence of exterior color contrast on the appearance of a property is significant. Sky blue is a year-round color. 

Sky blue looks great with light green and citron in the spring. This versatile color pairs well with pristine white and vivid turquoise in the summer.

10. Mixed Textures With Light Color Scheme 


Consider traditional white, light gray, or other light colors like pastel hues if you’re undecided what color to paint your home’s exterior.

Cracks, faults, dents, mold or mildew stains, or missing siding panel concerns will not be covered by a fresh coat of paint, which is especially true with board and batten.

The primary benefit of painting your home’s exterior is to increase curb appeal while improving the surrounding landscape and letting your accents pop.

11. Dull Color Scheme With Vibrant Accents


Nothing compares to owning a farmhouse that represents your particular preferences and helps you feel at ease. Look for a hue that goes well with the building’s design. 

Because of the “homey” atmosphere they give off, wooden accents look wonderful on just about anything.

12. Black And White


Black and white has always brought a timeless aesthetic for farmhouses and is a terrific way to bring this classic style back to life. The black metal roofing and porch canopy offer added flare for a modern and new external look.

You can have black as your statement color and white for your trims or the other way around to highlight the house’s divisions.

13. Dark Colored Siding


Dark earthy hues, such as maroon and forest green, veer away from neutral tones and make for beautiful board and batten siding on modern farmhouses. Lighter-colored trims brighten the outside while still keeping the property contemporary in style.

14. Chaotic Elegance


Although mixed textures may seem chaotic, they can look pleasing to the eye and spark interest at a glance when done right. Colors that contrast to the general color scheme can give you the edge that makes your farmhouse stand out from the rest.

15. Pastel Hues


When it comes to exteriors, neutrals are the way to go these days. Still, the appeal of a pastel house is irresistible. Try relaxing tones like a mild blue or a creamy shade of beige complemented with white accents if you want to ease into the style.

16. Dull Colors With Light and Dark Trims


As mentioned earlier, dark trims make your windows and doors look more prominent. But what if you paired dark trims with light ones? 

Also, as your window panes and door frame stand out, let your farmhouse define its overall structure with lighter divisions. This exterior design looks modern and stylish in more ways than one.

17. Earth Tones


Multiple tones in the same color family should be present in a well-balanced palette. Many neutrals, such as brown, taupe, and beige, are used in earth tones. 

Exploring this palette over various elements, such as board and batten siding, window panes, roofing, and foundation/pillar accents, is a terrific approach to get a unified aesthetic.

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