Top 5 Scratch Resistant Flooring for Dogs

Scratch Resistant Flooring for Dogs 2

One of the things to consider when it comes to building or renovating your home is your floor choices. Choosing the right flooring becomes more crucial when you’re an owner. With plenty of pet-friendly flooring options out there, bear in mind that there are a few things to consider as you choose the perfect one for your homes such as comfort and stain resistant floors.

Above those, look for the type of flooring that is scratch resistant. Scratching is one of the biggest problems with dogs, especially if trimming their nails alone is tough to deal with. Your pet dog may not be actively scratching but the simple daily activities such as playing or running around can cause scratches to your floor leaving it with marks that may or may not be removed. In order to help you find the right flooring for you and your furry friend, we listed the top 5 scratches resistant flooring for dogs.

1. Tile

Porcelain or ceramic tiles are the best options when it comes to dog-friendly flooring. Tiles are scratch, stain, and water-resistant which makes it easier to clean. You don’t have to worry about your dogs damaging your floor since this type of material is also durable. However, tiles may not be comfortable for some dogs as it can be hard and cold. Add a rug or a pet bed for your warmth and comfort.

2. Vinyl

Vinyl is another durable material that is scratch, stain, and water-resistant to your dogs’ nails. It is much easier to clean with a broom and map, easy to remove dog hairs without the need of bringing out your vacuum cleaner, and there will also be no trace of any accidents after cleanup. Vinyl can also imitate the look for natural stone or hardwood flooring and is also comfortable for your pets to sleep on. Aside from that, Vinyl is affordable compared to other flooring options.

3. Engineered Hardwood

For many years, engineered hardwood is a popular option for dog owners since it can stand scratching and other accidents caused by your furry friends. Select plans with a thicker veneer as this gives it an extra layer of protection that even the sharpest dog nails won’t be able to scratch it. Engineered Hardwood also comes in different colors and styles so you don’t have to sacrifice the design of your home.

4. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most attractive natural materials that can increase the value of your home. High-quality bamboo flooring has greater resistance and is also scratch-resistant. It is 2-3 times more dent resistant than traditional hardwood and other sorts of flooring types. Bamboo is also one of the most affordable flooring options that come in different stains, sizes, and patterns.

5. Laminate

Laminate can be slippery for your dogs with paws that are furry. You might be able to hear the clicks of your dog’s nails whenever they walk on the floor.

“Although this material excels in scratch and stain resistance. It also mirrors the look of hardwood if you are achieving that type of look in your home. When picking out your laminate flooring, go for an embossed or textured finish so your dog gets a better grip while walking across your home.”

~Ryan Rodenbeck is the Broker/Owner of Spyglass Realty in Austin, Texas, recognized by the Platinum Top 50 Realtors, and specializes in buyers who are looking to relocate to Austin.

Proper maintenance is the main key to keep your flooring on its tip-top shape. Regularly clean your floor and schedule maintenance such as refinishing which will help protect your floors when needed.

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