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Things to Ask When Getting Roofing Quotes


Your roof is an essential investment. It protects your home against external elements, impacting your home’s long-term livability and your peace of mind. According to Authentic Restoration, the total cost for a roofing project could cost as much as $20,000. While many might focus on the total cost of installing a roof, there are several factors you should consider when getting roofing quotes.

Factors That Affect Roofing Costs

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Understanding some of the factors that affect roofing quotes allows you to know which questions to ask when making your decision. The cost for a roofing project is often determined by:

Roof size

Your roof size determines how much roofing material the job will need. Most materials are sold by the square, with one roofing square equivalent to 100 square feet. Your roofer will measure your roof and divide that number by 100 to get a roofing square.

Roof pitch

Your roof’s pitch determines costs in two ways: A steep roof requires greater staging, labor, and safety, making it more costly, and it also determines the type of underlayment system needed.

Roofing material

Different roofing materials have varying levels of quality and affect your roofing system’s longevity, durability, aesthetic design, weight, and total costs.

Roofing components and elements

Other decisions and additional elements you would like included will either increase or lower the price. The type of insulation, decking, and underlayment materials used all play a role. Prep and finish details, including rooftop elements like skylights and chimneys, will also raise the cost.

Questions to Ask When Getting Roofing Quotes

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With these and more factors in mind, there are specific questions you need to ask your roofer when getting roofing quotes to help you understand the scope of the work the installation will entail. Ask questions such as:

Will you provide a breakdown of the total cost?

While the total cost might fall within your budget, it is still better to have a detailed breakdown of the total expense. It will give you more information about how your money is being spent.

What is the payment structure?

Usually, if your roofer is also supplying the roofing material, they might ask for a down-payment to cover some material costs. If you’re providing the material, however, then a down-payment will not be necessary.

Are you bonded, and can I see a copy?

A surety bond is a type of insurance that offers you financial coverage if:

  • Your roofer fails to pay the crew or subcontractors
  • Your county or city bills you for a permit that your roofer failed to get
  • You have to hire another roofer to complete the work

Will you have to hire subcontractors to complete the work?

In some cases, a roofer might hire subcontractors to handle some of the work. You need to know this beforehand and confirm that it will not lead to additional charges. You could also request to have the contact information of the subcontractors your roofer plans to hire.

Have you included possible material price changes in your estimate?

Material prices tend to fluctuate. Should material prices go up, will you need to pay more, or has your roofer factored material price increases into the quote they have given you?

Who do I contact for updates or if I have more questions?

This might be the most crucial question to ask. Roofing installation can quickly get hectic, and you need to have a contact person who is available to answer all your questions, concerns, and complaints during the job.

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