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Leaking Skylights: Why It Happens and What to Do About It


Skylights are a fantastic addition to any home, adding value while brightening up often neglected spaces and allowing much more natural light into living spaces. As skylights are part of your roofing system, they are at risk in the form of leaks and condensation entering your home. Leaks can not only damage the interior of your home, but also your roofing system as well.

Therefore, it is wise to properly correct any leaks as soon as they are identified. If you find your skylights are leaking, you may begin to wonder what caused it and what steps you now need to take before the situation gets worse. Here are some information regarding leaking skylights and their replacement.

What Causes Leaking Skylights

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Traditionally, skylights fit between your roof joists or rafters. Most often, these are created in standard sizes and are sealed alongside your roof using flashing. Flashing is a thing metal, often galvanized steel or copper, that is impervious to water and aids in directing water away from the potentially vulnerable area in the roof. Similarly, skylights are often lined with rubber seals, allowing the homeowner to open them during nice weather and keep them closed to the elements in inclement weather.

Over time, these internal and external seals are known to fail prematurely. While this issue is not overly common, it does happen and often causes the homeowner undo stress. Proper steps can be taken to prevent this; however, that is another topic in and of itself.

How to Seal a Skylight From Leaking

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As a rule of thumb, most contractors will refrain from repairing leaking skylights. This is not a revenue issue, rather it is difficult to seal leaking skylights. The correct process involves removing the skylight from the rough opening of the roof to properly reflash the area, assuming the leak is considered external.

The rough opening is similar to that of a traditional window, referring to the wooden framed opening. Once a skylight has been removed, it is easier and more cost effective for the homeowner to replace it altogether and ensure that there are no internal leaks present as well. Similarly, using “quick fix” sealant techniques is often a band aid for a larger issue. This usually only delays the inevitable and creates more of a mess and a longer time period for mold growth. 

Your Next Steps Replacing a Leaking Skylight

In order to protect your home and ensure it stays dry and mold free, be sure to contact a professional that can guide you through the process to fix your leaking skylight. Professionals will be able to identify how to best approach the situation. Also, a professional contractor will be able to offer a warranty with their products which ensures a hassle free enjoyment of your new home improvement.

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