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Top 5 Roof Underlayment Brands For Picky Homeowners

There are multiple roof underlayment brands out in the market today and each will claim to be the best in the industry. Being a smart homeowner requires analyzing what these brands offer.


Read along to learn about the top 5 best roof underlayment brands based on popular opinions and ratings from homeowner reviews. 

Best Brands for Roof Underlayment Needs

Homeowners must be smart and think long-term when it comes to any home construction or installation decisions. One of the most important aspects of a home is the roofing system and its roof underlayment aspect should be highly considered as one of the most critical parts of the house. The protection and longevity of the home’s roof affect the overall safety of that structure. 

Check out the following best roof underlayment brands to consider.

Tyvek Protec By DuPont

This is one brand that a lot of homeowners know about. This brand is known for having a wide array of types and sizes of roofing underlayment. Whether a homeowner needs to renovate or start new construction, finding the right DuPont underlayment won’t be difficult. 

With careful consideration of their manufacturing processes, Tyvek has been known to offer high-quality underlayments that are guaranteed to work on roofing system requirements. The Tyvek Protec 40360 underlayment offers extreme grip on the roof decking and other areas that would require re-roofing. It is designed for roofs with 2:12 slopes or even higher. This product can work well with many surfaces such as metal roofs, cedar, and asphalt.


This is among the best brands because they offer top-notch quality water and ice shields. This brand offers a wide array of self-adhering roofing underlayments that come with reinforced maximum performance, durability, and longevity. Every roof that encounters harsh weather conditions regularly would require a durable and reliable roofing underlayment. A heavy onslaught of rain and snow can easily wear and tear a roof if not properly protected by a durable roof underlayment.

Grace offers the Grace 628 RDC 03-06 roof underlayment that features a high-quality membrane with efficient waterproofing capabilities. It features rubberized asphalt adhesive reinforced with laminated polyethylene film. Moreover, this reliable and water-safe underlayment can work with a huge variety of roof designs such as sloped roofs and standing seam metal roofs among others. 

Lottes Roofing

One of the premier brands in the roofing industry is Lottes Roofing and can also be considered a pioneer due to its longevity. Since 1919, the brand has been offering products made with high quality and durability. Lottes Roofing offers rubber roofing materials that are commercial-grade. 

For homeowners who aim to acquire long-term roof underlayment service life then the Lottes TPO should be one product to highly consider. It offers one of the best warranties to ensure reliable roof protection. Instead of having EPDM rubber, this product offers TPO rubber. This roof underlayment has been showcased as highly pliable upon application and remains entirely weather-resistant. It comes with a 45 mil thickness which offers a higher puncture resistance. The polyester fabric reinforcement also helps ensure to protect versus strong winds. In addition, The TPO membrane serves highly resistant to severe weather conditions. 


INTERWRAP has been one of the most trusted manufactures of roof underlayments today. It would be unfair not to include this brand on the top 5 best roof underlayment brands list. The brand focuses on a specific target and that is heavy-duty protection.

The INTERWRAP Titanium PSU30 offers high quality and high durability fit for the brand’s heavy-duty title. It is created from modified rubberized asphalt that comes with a tough surface using synthetic polymer to improve water resistance. It also comes with a self-sealing lap system that helps prevent sloping and slippage. It has a self-adhesive application that will assist to install quicker and easier. 

This roof underlayment can be utilized on 2:12 sloped roofs and straight run roofs. Its synthetic construction can help prevent mold formation. It also performs in the -40 degree to 240 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range. Thus, making it a great choice for extreme weather conditions. It also has a UV rating that can withstand direct exposure of up to 6 months.  

Owens Corning

Owens Corning is an American manufacturing company that produces and develops roofing, insulation, and fiberglass composites. It also offers other related products and materials. The company is known as the biggest fiberglass composite manufacturer.

Owens Corning is well-known for its highly versatile underlayment products. The ProArmor Synthetic Roof Underlayment and the Fiberglas Reinforced Felt Underlayment are the most popular among homeowners. The ProArmor roof underlayment is specifically designed to reinforce roofs designed with asphalt shingles. This makes the underlayment offer reliable consistency all over its coverage.

Reliable Roof Underlayment Brands Offer the Best Features

Deciding on a reliable roof underlayment product should never be rushed. Always take the time to consider all options. The five brands mentioned above are the most popular picks based on performance. Their products won’t reach that level of popularity if they were not proven effective amongst many homeowners. A lot of companies will make promises and offers but the five brands mentioned above have proven their worth in the roofing industry. Never underestimate their products and try considering them for any reroofing or new construction requirements.

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