The Need for a Quality Road Drainage System


If it was not for drainage systems, the world would be a very different place in virtually every way. Drainage systems have created safe, livable environments that limit harmful bacteria and contamination. These systems are not just found in homes and commercial areas, however. There are also road drainage systems, which play a vital role in creating safe, drivable roads for everyone. Here are some of the main reasons why a good road drainage system design is so important.

3 Reasons Why We Need Better Road Drainage System

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1. The Potential for Erosion

Roadways are constantly being exposed to all sorts of temperatures and weather conditions that, over time, begin to affect the structural integrity of the road. Standing water is just one culprit to road erosion that creates problematic cracks and potholes.

While these issues can start off small, they will continue to grow with repeated exposure to the damaging elements, making roads unsafe for drivers. Additionally, roadside soil erosion can also pose an issue, as soft, unprotected soil can become weakened and unable to support the full weight of the asphalt road, leading to issues with road integrity.

The easy solution to this problem is a well thought out roadside drain design. Proper roadside drainage will help keep rain water from collecting on the roadways and deteriorating the roads. Additionally, it will ensure that water not absorbed by the soil will not spill onto the roadways and instead, drain away.

2. Issues With Road Safety

Rain, snow, and ice are all notorious for creating unsafe driving conditions. Water creates a slick surface on roads, which makes it difficult for tires to gain traction and leads to instances of hydroplaning. As it gets colder, the water that collects on the surface can turn to ice, creating an even more dangerous scenario.

“A good road drainage system will greatly minimize these driving hazards by allowing excess water to drain away from the roads. This will not only prevent water from collecting while rain is falling, but any melting ice during the winter will also easily drain away rather than refreezing over or taking days to dry up.” – Adam Winters, Real Estate Expert from Land.US. A company that buys various Lands for Sale.

3. Less Money Spent on Road Repairs

Roads are not cheap to build and having to do repairs on damaged roads makes them even more expensive. A good roadside drainage design will help cut down on road maintenance and repair costs.

Since road drainage systems are designed to direct water off the road top, there is less chance of it collecting and eroding the asphalt. It can also make it easier to keep small cracks from growing into more serious issues. Therefore, instead of having to redo entire sections of roadway—which can cost a lot of money—smaller repairs can be done.

Slot Drain: The Perfect Road Drainage System

Road Drainage

There are a number of different road drainage systems available and while most are effective, there are still some that stand out above the rest. Slot Drain is a highly durable, pre-sloped and grateless system that makes for a perfect roadside drainage design. The system arrives fully assembled and is easy to install, taking just a few workers and a couple of hours, without having to shut down roadways for days. 

Additionally, the Slot Drain system is compact, minimizing the risk of large or foreign objects falling into the drain and creating obstructions. The durable design of the system also means that it is much more impact resistant, making it possible for Slot Drain to bear more weight than other common roadside drain design options.

Over time, the grates in grated drainage systems begin to erode and break. This creates potential driving hazards, causing drivers to lose control or damage their tires. It also creates additional road maintenance costs, since broken grates need replacing. Since Slot Drains do not use grates, these concerns are eliminated and it makes for an easier to maintain roadside drainage design.

Roadside Drainage, a Necessity 

Road Drainage

Good roadside drain design is an essential part of road infrastructure. Without a road drainage system, roads are open to more issues, and will end up costing the government even more money. But, instead of going with just any type of roadside drainage design, transportation departments should go with the Slot Drain system. Slot Drain is easy to clean, maintain, and install, and is extremely effective at clearing the ground of damaging standing water. 

The Slot Drain system is also affordable and incredibly easy to install, meaning less time and money will be spent getting it in place. Overall, a roadside drainage system is important to help maintain and protect the quality of the roads. Without one, roads are likely to deteriorate at a much faster pace, causing countless issues and additional, unnecessary costs.

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