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7 Restaurant Interior Design Trends for 2020


Providing great tasting food with quality service is only part of the battle to succeed in the food industry. How your restaurant looks and feels to your customers is as important as how good the food tastes and how good the wait service is. Restaurant interior design trends for 2020 can help to give you an edge in the competitive marketplace.

The interior design elements will set the tone and define the character and theme of your restaurant. Restaurant interior design trends change and tastes evolve so it’s important to keep up on what is popular today and make necessary adjustments to best serve your customers’ preferences.

Modern Restaurant Interior Design Trends for 2020

1. Sustainable Construction Design

Restaurant Interior Design
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Using sustainable construction techniques in restaurant designs is becoming the standard in a society with a rising awareness of energy-saving design and décor. ICF construction and comprehensive insulation techniques will help to save on energy bills and allow for managed control of heating and cooling systems. This is a critical step in improving hospitality and making people feel welcome and comfortable. 

2. Dark Color Tones Restaurant Interior Design

Restaurant Interior Design
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Utilizing dark color tones in modern restaurant designs provide a rich, traditional look and feel. Dark walls and tables and grey wood flooring creates character and style that enhance the dining experience for your customers.

3. Gallery Walls Restaurant Interior Design

Restaurant Interior Design
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Adorning restaurants with photos and other framed items along gallery walls is a popular trend to showcase anything from photos to paintings to antique posters and memorabilia. Gallery walls can give your restaurant a unique character and theme with eye-catching imagery up and down the walls and entryway areas.

Mixing sizes, styles, and frame designs, using everything from small picture frames to big canvas prints provides an attractive, appealing way to decorate your restaurant. With the right photos and paintings, you may even be able to get people to look up from their phones for a couple of minutes to enjoy the art you have displayed.

4. Minimalistic Design

Restaurant Interior Design

When it comes to the most recent trends in designing spaces for restaurants and bars, the old adage that less is more is appropriate. Minimalist restaurant designs work to reduce distractions and increase engagement in the dining experience.

Keep your menu layout and options to a minimum. A flashy menu design with too many options can distract from your restaurant’s décor and character. Upgrading your restaurant’s point of sale devices with the latest technological advances will streamline the payment process and shift the focus from paying for the meal to the meal itself.

Clean, sleek surfaces like concrete quartz countertops and simple table settings present a classy look by getting the most out of the least.

5. Picture Perfect Environment

Restaurant Interior Design

Like it or not, social media is here to stay and can play an impactful role in spreading the word about your restaurants. Attractive food presentations and photographic backdrops will encourage diners to take and post photos on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

6. Lighting Accents

Restaurant Interior Design
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Strategically placed and timed lighting throughout the restaurant can create unique and distinctive moods. The use of color and dimming options can enhance the character and even offer different lighting configurations for different rooms and areas of the restaurant. Holiday themed lighting accents can set the perfect mood for the season.

7. Visible Kitchens

Restaurant Interior Design
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The kitchen is the point of the central activity, where all the magic happens. When diners can see the flames from your ovens and watch as your dedicated staff scurries about with precision and flare, it makes them feel like they are a part of the experience and not merely a guest.

The rise of cooking shows has glamourized chefs and the artistry they perform on a nightly basis. Showing them off in an open kitchen design will make them shine in front of your customers and make their food feel like it was specially prepared.

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