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10 Projects Used for Galvanized Wire Mesh

From culinary displays to pest control and memo boards, galvanized wire meshes are quick and efficient tools for virtually any DIY project you get your hands on. This go-to tool is perfect for home improvement because of its flexibility. It’s easy to cut and manipulate, lightweight yet sturdy.


We talked with John Foles from Reozone about  how to use galvanized wire mesh in a wide variety of projects. Here are our top 10 picks from that conversation.

1. Build Hanger for Succulent Planters

For plant lovers, galvanized wire meshes are a handy tool. Succulents like aloe vera and cacti are great low-maintenance and slow-growing plants, making them perfect for vertical hanging gardens. A galvanized wire mesh attached to an upcycled wooden frame would be ideal for these plants. You can use flower pots and tin cans on a wooden backing to hold the succulents on the shelf. This unique succulent hanger will surely enhance and beautify your space.

2. Build Wire Paneled Kitchen Cabinets

Galvanized wire meshes are an innovative way to jazz up your kitchen furniture. The makeover will give you an easy view of the items in your kitchen cabinets and give your kitchen a vintage look. Rather than work on your kitchen cabinet, you might decide to flip any old cupboard you get in your neighborhood flea market. It makes for a fantastic DIY project anyone can engage in. Once you cut out the wooden panel leaving only the frame of the cabinet doors, measure and cut out the wire mesh and attach it to the frame making sure it is sturdy. You can decide to take your wire paneled cabinet to the next level by adding plug-in light stripes. For inspiration on

3. Build Hanging Shelves

Hanging shelves are a beautiful way to save on floor space, and they add an artistic allure to any room. Besides, you can never have too much organizational space. A galvanized wire mesh hanging shelf is a practical and stylish addition, and they are pretty easy to make. The first thing is to decide on the shape and size of the shelf. This determines how you would cut and fold out the wire mesh. Once you attach the parts, spray with your desired color. A wooden base is an excellent addition if you would be placing smaller objects on your shelf. Hang it from the wall and show off the design.

4. Build Window and Door Screens

Galvanized wire meshes are great for windows and door screens as they let in all the light into your space. They are also valuable for keeping out unwanted insects, especially when small mesh size. The wire mesh is easily attached to a wooden frame and can be used for windows and doors.

5. Build Security Fences for Outdoor Garden

Security fences for outdoor gardens aren’t for humans. They are much too small. These fences keep away animal pests that would like nothing more than to dig up your garden and eat your plants and vegetables. A galvanized wire mesh security fence is an easy fix, especially when attached to a wooden post to make it sturdy. If you want inspiration on how this would look you can check out Lowe’s garden fences and build it yourself.

6. Build a Memo Board for Your Home Office

A galvanized wire mesh memo board is easy to fill up your home office wall space. Also, it’s straightforward to make. Once you cut out the wire mesh and grind off the metal bits, paint it to your desired color and attach it to the wall. Decorate with your favorite items, and the memo board is good to go.

7. Build a Culinary Display Board

You can showcase exquisite cuisine on a display board made with galvanized wire mesh and a wooden slate. You can also cut out a DIY wire mesh basket to hold baked goods or outfit a box with a wide-space wire mesh to keep cupcakes.

8. Build Gutter Guards/Foundation Vents

The easy and practical use of galvanized wire mesh is a guard for your gutters. This ensures that those parts are not clogged up with leaves and dirt. A galvanized wire mesh is also great for a foundation vent as it promotes unrestricted airflow to your basement, crawl space, or attic.

9. Build a Frame Holder for Precious Artworks

Artworks tend to be expensive and can be easily damaged when exposed. Protecting your artwork in a galvanized wire mesh frame holder will do your artwork a ton of good and save you future restoration costs. You may use a metal or a wooden frame to which the Mesh is attached. The artwork may be stored within a mesh box or stored behind a mesh frame in the case of a painting.

10. Build Attractive Outdoor Design Projects

Galvanized wire meshes are excellent design tools for outdoor landscaping. Some tremendous outdoor projects include large wire mesh pebble and plant holders, flooring, gratings, deck designs, and vegetated/climbing flowered walls. These out-of-the-box designs are sure to grab the attention of anyone that sees them.

Be Innovative and Efficient

Wire meshes are a great way to tweak existing furniture and household items and will probably make a creative addition wherever it is effectively used. You cannot exhaust the numerous ways to use a galvanized wire mesh. Its use is as extensive as human creativity.

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  1. Build a fish trap. Put it in old rusty car bodies and out Bondi over it, build a sift to hunt arrow heads, build a rat trap, embed it in cement to strengthen the concrete, build a bird cage, put a piece in bottom of grill to hold charcoal.

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