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Pittsburgh Paramount Paint Reviews: Is Pittsburgh Pinnacle Paint Worth the Money?

Pittsburgh Pinnacle Paint is one of the most popular brands in paint today, and for good reason. Pittsburgh Pinnacle Paint provides excellent coverage at a low price point that suits any budget. If you’re thinking about painting your house or apartment, read this review to see if it’s worth spending the extra money on Pittsburgh Pinnacle Paint!

What is Pittsburgh Paints?

Pittsburgh Paints is a company that specializes in the distribution and sale of paint. They have been around since 1892, and it was originally founded by William Pittsburgh as a small general store selling paints. Today they are one of the largest distributors in America with over 1,000 employees.

What do users on Houzz think about Pittsburgh Paramount Paint?

If you are wondering what people on Houzz think about Pittsburgh Paramount Paint, check out this thread. You’ll find mix reviews here from people who claim to have had bad experience, while others seem to have used it with no issue at all.

Dutch Boy or Pittsburgh Paints?

How about Dutch Boy or Pittsburgh Paints? That’s the question one homeowner asked in a recent thread at Both brands are well known in the industry and have been around for decades. Before you decide on Pittsburg Paints, make sure to what homeowners say about how they stack up agains Pittsburgh paints.

Our verdict: Is Pittsburgh Paramount Paint Worth the Money?

Third party reviews are nice but we wanted to get hands on with the product to see how the paint performs. Upon actual use we found that Pittsburgh Paramount Paint is a good choice because they have excellent coverage and at an affordable price point, which is perfect for people who want to paint their house but want reasonable quality on a tight budget. We had absolute no issue using Pittsburgh Paramount Paint so we give it 2 thumbs up.

Have you tried Pittsburgh Paint on a recent project? If so, tell us about your experience below!

3 Responses

  1. We bought 5 gallons of ceiling white in eggshell sheen from PPG. It sat in a closet inside our house for 3 years before we used it. It has a yellow tint when we applied it to our ceiling over a white primer. We have a paint mixer that we put on a drill to mix, so it was mixed really well. Sad we have to now go buy more paint.

  2. This is the 1st time that I used Pittsburg Paramount paint. I have never left a review on any product but I was so impressed with this paint. I give it 5 stars and will definitely use this product in the future. I am 71 and have painted many walls in my life but this is the first time that I didn’t mind painting. It covered in one coat and had a flawless finish. Thanks for making such a quality product.

  3. I bought a quart of pittsburg paint for a craft project, It’s been a week and it is still tacky ,doesn;t it ever dry?

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