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Contractor Spotlight: Phoenix Roofing Contractors

Phoenix Roofing Contractors is the gold standard among Phoenix roofing remodeler options. Founded in 2010, Phoenix Roofing Contractors continue to take pride in the manner in which its expert workmanship provides roof, siding, and gutter solutions for the Phoenix community. Backed by a Master Elite guarantee, the company offers its emergency roof repair service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. 

The following breakdown looks at the specifics behind why Phoenix Roofing Contractors is the top choice for roof repair and other exterior renovations. 

Locally Owned and Operated Phoenix Roofers

Expert local ownership is one of the key distinguishing features of Phoenix Roofing Contractors. It is not a national chain that hides behind a brand and hires entry-level roofing professionals to perform the repairs, often in markets with which the roofers are unfamiliar. 

Phoenix Roofing Contractors is fully staffed with a diverse team of roofing professionals, with decades of combined remodeling experience. What’s more: the roofing experts are trained and highly versed in handling the issues unique to the Phoenix area, with each contractor certified and licensed by the state of Arizona. With more than a decade serving the local Phoenix community, Phoenix Roofing Contractors has seen it all and is uniquely equipped to provide innovative solutions to any conditions which may undermine the integrity of Phoenix roofs.  

The Highest Quality Phoenix Roof Repair

The years of local service are made possible by a quality of performance that is truly the best in class. Phoenix Roofing Contractors guarantees that you will be thoroughly satisfied with its expert workmanship and competitive service rates. However, the quality does not stop at the service: the company uses top-of-the-line products when performing any type of repair, whether for the roof, siding, or gutters, with a Master Elite certification from material manufacturer GAF (see below).  

Knowledgeable and Experienced in All Phoenix Roofing Concerns

When an issue arises with the roof or siding, a litany of concerns overwhelms the home or business owner, including:

  • When can someone get here to take a look at the issue?
  • How long will the repair take?
  • Is the repair going to be covered by insurance?
  • How much will the renovation ultimately cost me?
  • What if the repair does not solve the problem?

As mentioned, Phoenix Roofing Contractors has been operating in the area for over a decade, so it has answered all of these time-after-time. Some of the key points, as they pertain to the aforementioned concerns, include:

  • The company is on call 24/7/365. It will get a professional to work on your case the minute it is reported. 
  • Most repairs take Phoenix Roofing Contractors 72 hours or less. However, the company will not sacrifice speed at the sake of quality, so some bigger commercial roofing projects may take a while longer.
  • Insurance is often confusing for building owners, as navigating through the minutiae of what a policy does and does not cover can be quite the headache. Phoenix Roofing Contractors has certified insurance adjusters on staff to help navigate through the messy side of insurance claims.
  • While the cost of projects will vary based on size and scope, homeowners can rest assured that professional estimates will be completely free. Just call Phoenix Roofing Contractors to discuss the details of the project to receive a free quote with no obligation to book the service.
  • Phoenix Roofing Contractors is fully bonded, licensed, and insured. This guarantees that all projects will be completed according to all state and local codes, with no liability falling on the building owner should any hiccups arise.  

Master Elite Service

If state and local licenses and bonds are not enough of a guarantee, Phoenix Roofing Contractors is Master Elite certified by roofing manufacturer GAF. This certification program provides enhanced warranties and protection on roofing installation above-and-beyond that offered by everyday contractors. Here’s the exciting part: only about 5% of all roofing contractors are Master Elite certified.

With the Master Elite golden pledge warranty, a GAF representative will come to your home or building and inspect the work done by Phoenix Roofing Contractors, ensuring the quality of the work and helping you understand the process of how to file a warranty claim in the unlikely event that one is needed in the future. 

Choose a Reputable Roofing Contractor in Phoenix

Phoenix Roofing Contractors have been the gold standard in roofing, siding, and gutter solutions in the Phoenix area since 2010. With a unique understanding of the local climate and expert service backed by the Master Elite guarantee, this top-notch company can provide the ultimate peace of mind should the need for a renovation arise. 


532 E. Maryland Suite F

Phoenix, AZ 85012

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