Modern Park Benches That Inspire Social Design


It goes without saying that site furniture has a significant impact on the social design of public areas. Bench seating has long been the best choice for community spaces where social interaction between people and their environment is the goal.

However, gone are the days of plain wooden benches. Designers and landscape architects today have the opportunity to create vibrant, connected spaces in their communities, and Metalco has risen to the challenge to create innovative commercial bench designs to help them succeed. 

Here are thirteen examples of stunning community park benches that will empower designers to create beautiful, social spaces.

13 Modern Park Benches That Inspire Social Design

1. Mixed Materials

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The Realgar Bench is a monolithic-style flat bench with an added wood backrest. The seat is made of Pietre di Marmo, a reconstituted blend of granite and marble stones. The slanted design of the Realgar Bench is not only eye-catching, but it’s ergonomically designed for comfort. The use of cool stone makes a statement without detracting from the natural feel of wood.

2. Cantilevered Stone Seating

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The Ambra Bench encourages passersby to sit for a moment and take in the beauty of the surrounding environment. 

It’s often the simplest designs that are the most appealing to the senses. This cantilevered bench is made entirely from Pietre di Marmo and is fixed in location with anchors. The extended seat offers a covered space, which can be used for strategic lighting like the image above. 

3. Innovating on a Classic: Steel Benches

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Site visitors want options when relaxing. The Air-Port A bench is an adaptable steel bench that offers both open seating or traditional backrest support. Visitors also have room to place a bag or luggage to keep it off the ground.

4. Inviting Interaction with Face-to-Face Benches

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Social design should allow for spaces that spark connection and conversation. The face-to-face arrangement of these Agora Iron Wood Seat benches provides enough distance that interaction isn’t forced, but encouraged. We appreciate how the benches are oriented to create privacy for those sitting from others passing by.

5. Open Seating That Flows With the Surroundings

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When your design goal is clean lines and minimal visual clutter, open bench seating works beautifully. This Agata modular bench is available for guests within the park’s walkway, but blends seamlessly into the environment. 

6. Dynamic, Modern Colors

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Social design is as much about bringing people together as it is about about giving them space to enjoy solitude and reflection. These Agora Iron benches offer park visitors choices for privacy or a place to sit down and connect. The pop of color from red litter bins gives the space more visual dynamic.

7. Straight Lines and Curves for Visual Appeal

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The Air S bench and table combination is a contemporary take on the classic picnic bench. The straight benches plenty of seating for groups, and the curved table adds visual interest and movement. High-performance gray concrete lends strength and stability to the design, but the neutral tone doesn’t detract from the beauty of the surrounding park.

8. Wooden Benches That Are Anything But Standard

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The Campus Bench is compact, straight wood bench with an angled backrest. Its wonderfully simplistic design makes it incredibly versatile and adaptable to any outdoor setting. The warm appeal of the wood speaks for itself, offset by steel supports that give the space an industrial, updated touch. The angled backrest ensures optimal comfort for those who need to take a rest.

9. Sophisticated Open Air Seating

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The Cobra bench blends well in natural environments and can be used to create visual structure within open spaces. By framing the individual trees with the benches, the space is more defined: an oasis for anyone looking to pause and rest. 

Designers particularly love this collection because its linear, angled and curved options can be combined in endless combinations to produce a custom result.

10. Stylish Benches Perfect For Piers

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The Diamante Wood Seats are another example of how well wood and white marble work together. The distinct contrast of the materials, paired with the gentle, wave-like curve of the bench, offers appealing options for seating on this waterfront pier. 

11. Reversed Seating Arrangements 

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The majority of straight seating designs feature a single, full-length backrest, but the Harris bench offers the option of two individual backrests on either side. This simple change can turn an otherwise unremarkable wood bench into something more functional, flexible, and conveniently designed for social interactions.

12. Monolithic Slab Benches

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Many designers strive to combine art with function, especially in social settings. The liner Treeline bench looks as if it were carved from a slab of stone, giving an understated and alluring artistic feel to it. Although it is about as simple as you can get in bench design, it makes a significant statement and offers cool, comfortable seating. The lack of a backrest ensures seating arrangements aren’t limited and this bench may be used however a person may deem fit.

13. Sleek, Outward-Facing Steel Bench Seating

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These sleek black Libre Doppia modular benches have been placed together in an outward facing circle, surrounding an inground planter. The rounded design gives visitors the best view of their surroundings while offering the maximum amount of seating possible. This design with a planter in the middle is perfect around a tree, which will also provide natural shade from the sun.

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