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A Guide to Estimate Painting Costs & Materials for a Room


Estimating painting like a pro is the easiest thing to do, right? Doing basic math and quickly figuring out how much paint will be required to cover the surface. But things are different on a deeper level. Developing an accurate estimate keeping in account all the requirements make it difficult in preparing the painting estimates.

Because painting estimates are custom estimates and not an easy job, we have developed a step-by-step guide on how you can estimate the painting costs.

Review the Plans

Reviewing the project plan or structure specifications you need to paint, is a good idea. It helps save time and money. “The more knowledge you have about the surface area and structure that needs to be painted, the more chances there are to get accurate estimations” says Bill Nishanian, owner of Nash Painting. However, in the design phase, there might be errors in the plans, which if not clear or readable, can cost you money. Review floor plans, Site Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans, and Interior Elevations Drawings at the initial phase to get the right estimations.

Checklist of Painting Estimates

Once you are familiar with the initial plans, check for the variables.

  • The type of paint
  • Experience of the painting team
  • What is the quality of the panels?
  • Are there any imperfections.
  • Is the surface smooth?
  • How many coats are already on the surface?

You should go through the checklist before developing an estimate.

Estimating Material Cost

Estimating the material cost including supplies and, paints is a significant step. When it comes to the price of the painting, the cost can exist anywhere from $15 to $90, depending on the quality and brand. However, a professional contractor has relations with vendors from which they can purchase paint at a relatively low rate.

But determining the gallons of paint required can be tough. For this, first, you must determine the perimeter of the room and then multiply the number with the ceiling height, and you will get the total wall area. You can also outsource construction takeoff services if you do not have time to do hectic calculations.

Besides, keep in account the cost of supplies such as masking paper, paint tape, masking plastic, brushes/rollers, and tarps.

Labor Cost

It is a no-brainer that labor is required for a painting job (only if you do not intend to do it yourself). Estimate the number of painters required and the time they will take to complete the project. Click here to read more about construction estimates and budgeting.

And that is not the end. The following could quadruple the cost of labor including excessive prep work, difficult or stained surface areas, special design requests, or poor-quality paint. So, you must carefully estimate the painting costs to keep you expenses within budget.

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