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Our Ranking Methodology

We aim to make our process as thorough as possible. Using machine learning and natural language processing, we collected and analyzed data of over 20,000 companies nationwide. We extracted the highlights and lowlights for each company and scored them using a variety of review criteria, including:

  • Experience: We look for companies with experience in their field, and companies that employ high-quality contractors. We also look for experience with various types of foundation repairs or installations.
  • Service area: It's important that a company recommended for El Paso homeowners serves that area. Higher scores are also given to companies with larger service areas.
  • Customer experience: We analyze customer reviews to determine how satisfied customers are with the company.
  • Accreditation: Proper licensing and well-educated professionals help boost a company's rating. We consider whether a company meets all of licensing requirements for Texas and whether it is properly insured.
  • Pros and cons: We use the collected information to sort out pros and cons, such as customer satisfaction, experience with certain services, availability, and price. We then use these pros and cons to weigh a company's score.

After we score companies, we map them based on service area in order to show you only the most relevant providers.

Choosing a Foundation Repair Company in El Paso

The best way to get started on this process is to select one of the top foundation repair companies in your area. Key points to pay attention to when picking a company include things like:

  • Inspection and Estimate Process: It's essential to understand both the cause of any foundation problems and what measures will be required to remedy them. When you speak with one of your local foundation repair experts, they should offer to conduct a free inspection and estimate.
  • Licensing and Insurance: You should verify that the company you employ has, at minimum, general liability insurance. It's also wise to verify that they meet the general contractor licensing requirements in Texas.
  • Warranties: It's a smart idea to speak with your company about the kinds of warranties they offer. Any reputable company should offer warranties for their work, though what is specifically covered may vary.
  • Cost: The bill for foundation repair can vary widely, and it's always a smart idea to review multiple quotes before choosing a company. Foundation repair projects can be expensive, but for good reason, and you should be wary of any extremely low (or high) quotes.
  • Structural Engineer Partnerships: If your foundation repair company does not have a structural engineer partnership, you can create one yourself. A structural engineer will, for a few hundred dollars, perform a third-party inspection of your foundation and give feedback on the suggested repairs.

Cost of Foundation Repair El Paso

The amount you can expect to pay for foundation repair in El Paso depends on certain factors, including:

  • Home Size: The size of your foundation will influence repair costs. A bigger foundation will usually lead to a bigger bill.
  • Accessibility and Foundation Type: The accessibility of the foundation and the type of foundation can both influence the price of services. Foundation types may include a concrete slab, basement, or crawl space.
  • Severity of Issue: The severity of the problem, and how much work is needed to remedy it, will affect the total cost. Minor cracks that need a basic fill will be less expensive to fix than larger stability issues that will require underpinning.
  • Soil Stability and Foundation Settlement: If you have less stable soil surrounding your foundation, this may lead to more severe foundation settlement. This can then increase the cost of repairs.
  • Permits: You might not need a permit for small fixes like crack repair, but your company likely will require one for bigger jobs like underpinning. They will purchase permits from the El Paso government, and the price may vary based on the job. The range for foundation repair permits varies, although they generally start around $150.
  • Labor and Materials: The price of any home improvements will be affected by the labor and materials needed, and foundation repair is no exception. You can anticipate paying around $142.96 per hour for foundation repair.
Repair Type Your Technician Will: Average Cost in El Paso
Crack Repair Determine the cause of any cracks and fill them in. $329 - $452
Leak Repair Determine and resolve the cause of leaks. $2796 - $3845
Waterproofing Complete interior and/or exterior waterproofing to prevent future issues. $3108 - $4273
Stabilization Insert steel or carbon fiber strips into your walls to support them. $2952 - $4059
Piering / Underpinning / Leveling Underpin your foundation with large concrete piers to keep it level. $1515 - $2084

Types of Foundation Repair

Your final cost for foundation repairs will also be based on what services you need. Larger repairs include fixes like leveling, while crack repair is a smaller, quicker job. Your local foundation repair professionals can provide services like:

  • Waterproofing: Waterproofing can be expensive, but it can both resolve and prevent various foundation problems. In this process, your foundation repair professional might make small changes such as rerouting your gutter system, or large ones like modifying your landscaping. Typically, homeowners spend $3,885 on waterproofing services.
  • Stabilization: Some signs of bowing walls are leaning chimneys or porches, doors and windows that are difficult to shut, uneven floors, horizontal cracks on walls, and visible bulging of walls. Stabilization can be used to fix this issue. During this process, your foundation repair technician will insert carbon fiber or steel strips into your walls to support them. The amount you pay will vary depending on the materials used and how many strips are required. Generally, you can expect to pay roughly $3,690.
  • Leak Repair: A local foundation repair technician can visit your home and inspect any foundation leaks to determine their cause. Then, they can recommend and provide measures to fix them. The final cost will vary based on a number of factors, such as the size of the leak and the underlying cause — typically, you can typically expect to pay around $3,495.
  • Crack Repair: How much you will spend on crack repair will depend on how many cracks need fixing and their size — typically, any cracks wider than a hairline deserve professional attention. One of the local foundation repair professionals in your area can assess the crack(s) in your foundation, figure out the root cause, and come up with an action plan. In certain cases, you might need additional services to remedy the underlying issue. The typical cost for crack repair is around $411.
  • Piering / Underpinning / Leveling: If you begin to notice uneven floors, wall or floor cracks, misaligned windows and doors, or your home starting to lean, your foundation may require piering. In this process, your technician levels your foundation by underpinning it with large concrete pillars — occasionally, other materials are used. The total cost of this repair will be determined by how many pillars are required for your foundation. The process of underpinning can be expensive but is often much needed and helpful for staving off future problems. In general, you can anticipate spending around $1,894 for leveling.

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FAQ's about foundation repair in El Paso

If your foundation needs repairs, it may manifest in a number of ways. Outside, you might see a crumbling or cracking foundation, or a cracked driveway. . You may also notice bowing, cracking, or buckling walls.

Homeowners, on average, pay around $2,675 for foundation repair, although the cost will depend on several unique factors. The best way to estimate the cost of your specific job is to get quotes from a handful of local foundation repair companies. The total price will be influenced by things like the size of your house and type of repair(s) needed.

While it's smart to talk to your foundation repair technician about this question before committing to any project, typically yes, you'll be able to remain in your home while foundation repairs are underway.

You might not love the idea of spending money to hire someone for what appears to be a small foundation repair. However, it's always good to consult a professional. This way, you can avoid potential future issues that could be even more expensive. You may be able to fix small hairline cracks on your own, but it's always a smart idea to get an expert opinion first.

If your foundation needs waterproofing, you'll start to notice signs like hairline cracks, discoloration or odors, basement flooding, white powder or spots on your walls, uneven floors, or signs of fungus, mildew, or mold.

You can opt for interior or exterior waterproofing. Interior waterproofing typically is less expensive, and can involve solutions like the use of sealants or installation of sump pumps or drains. Exterior waterproofing is more expensive but also more effective. This process can involve things like landscaping changes, external drains, or physical barriers to stop water from getting into basements and crawl spaces.

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