5 Modern Outdoor Planters to Add Greenery to Public Places


Plants and greenery are often a highlight in urban and commercial outdoor designs as they are known for promoting health and wellness. Using plant material can soften even the most industrious sites. They offer an oasis from the surrounding buildings, hardscape and over-developed areas. 

These five modern outdoor planter solutions are a great resource for inspiration for your next project.

Top 5 Modern Outdoor Planters for Public Spaces

1. Sleek Style

Modern Outdoor Planters
Image Credit – idcreated.com

Commercial planters come in a range of different sizes, shapes and finishes. 

These round planters are perfect for a design with repetition. They’re simple enough that using multiple units won’t look overwhelming, but have enough charm to enhance the plaza they’re installed in.

Due to the smaller profile of this planter’s design, it’s easy to change the type of flower planted in it, allowing you to create unique displays that can be changed to fit different seasons and events.

2. Creating Angles

Modern Outdoor Planters
Image Credit – idcreated.com

The greenery on this terrace makes an appealing oasis for people looking to get a little sunshine. The designer made the most of the smaller space by including shrubs and trees in the commercial planter and wrapping it with bench seating.

The clean angles of the planter and the bench meet perfectly to create a unique and dynamic design, allowing people to have a little touch of nature while they relax.

3. Organic Shape

Modern Outdoor Planters
Image Credit – idcreated.com

Round and square aren’t the only options available when it comes to commercial indoor planters. This freeform planter enhances the natural curves already found in the shopping center. The fluid design draws the eye from one planter to the next, making it a focal point from any angle.

This type of planter also allows for plenty of creative expression. Each of the three ends can contain a different plant, while rocks, mulch, water or a variety of other materials can fill the center, allowing it to work with any design.

4. Inviting Atmosphere

Modern Outdoor Planters
Image Credit – idcreated.com

More offices and commercial places are beginning to include areas where workers can go to relax in natural, green surroundings. Using large commercial planters is a way to provide greenery that’s also easy for businesses to maintain.

These square planters are placed at even distances to allow easy passage around them. The addition of nearby benches creates a simple, inviting atmosphere where people can relax at any time of day.

5. Two in One Design

Modern Outdoor Planters
Image Credit – idcreated.com

When you have a large, narrow space, modularity is key. This seating area uses modular pieces from Metalco which offers the flexibility needed to create seating that is aesthetically interesting and functional.

The best part of using a modular planter and bench design like Grandifioriere is getting a custom look without the risk of custom lead times, unpredictable quality or other pain points of the design-build process.

Get Creative With Your Planters

As more and more businesses see the value in creating green spaces, commercial outdoor planters are becoming essential in a design. Their versatility makes them a great choice for areas large or small, bright or neutral, private or public.

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