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Manufacturer Spotlight: Warmup

Warmup is a manufacturing company that produces a wide range of building products for both residential and commercial utilization, for instance, the 4iE Smart Wifi Thermostat, among others. Warmup underfloor heating products are cULus and Europen compliant, and are CE accredited by several independent institutions for additional peace of mind and security.

In addition to a lifetime warranty, Warmup provides online tutorials, and technical assistance is available every day of the year, as well as customer support before and after every sale. The quality of the products will be a lasting benefit of utilizing Warmup products for your projects.

Why Choose Warmup Products?

Here are some of the great reasons that you should select Warmup products for your residential and commercial radiant heating system needs:

High-Quality Products

Warmup makes the toughest, thin, dual-fluoropolymer heating wire available on the market. It is UL approved (Underwriter’s Laboratories) and does not raise the floor level, meeting the highest standards of safety when it comes to electric underfloor heating.

The wet underfloor heating systems are designed with high-quality controls and components that will perfectly match your budget and projects.

Best Warranties

Due to the extensive research and testing, all Warmup products come with guarantees. Warmup has the best warranties on wet and electric underfloor heating ranges.

Warmup also provides a SafetyNet Installation guarantee on pipe and heating wire; in case of damage during installation, they will replace it for free, according to the terms and conditions.

Warmup Products

The following are brief introductions to the quality electric heating options manufactured by Warmup:

Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Warmup electric radiant floor heating systems provide your home with heat and comfort in minutes rather than hours, preventing wasted energy and overheating. Perfect for heating the basement, or any room in the house, the DCM-PRO system, foil heater, and heating mesh use an ultra-thin heating element that is UL-approved to heat the surface of the floor, gently but quickly.

The heating wire is an ultra-thin 3mm with fluoropolymer coating, and has a heating output of 11W per square feet, which varies and is determined by space. The heating mesh has a heating output of 14W per square feet.

The foil heater is designed to be installed under resilient and soft floor coverings such as carpet as well as under laminate or wood. The quarter-inch Inslab Cable is suitable for heating screeded floors of different sizes. When the heated slab is installed, your in floor heat insulation is ready for any type of flooring.

Snow Melting Systems

Warmup has over 22 years of in-depth research and development, and experience. Their deicing and snow melt systems will meet all your ice and snow melting needs. Driveway and walkway heating is increasingly becoming popular in North America and environmentalists are looking for solutions that avoid the use of pollutants or chemicals.

Heating the gutter, roofline, and downspouts of your home by using cables that are self-regulated will help prevent ice dams created by melting ice and snow. It will also protect the insulation, walls, and ceiling of your home from ice damage.

Warmup electrical cables used for pipe freeze protection can be attached to water lines, ducts, and pipes to keep them flowing. This will eliminate the fear of bursting pipes during the coldest days of winter.

Warmup makes ice and snow melt controls that do all the work after installing the heating systems. Automatic controls can reduce operating costs and save energy. It is easy to use the melting system because of the built-in, smart moisture and temperature sensors.


A programmable heated floor thermostat will allow you to control the temperature of your home using your smartphone. It uses the location settings in your phone to calculate how long it will take to attain your preferred temperature and for you to get home.

Bathroom Collection

Warmup’s bathroom collection includes a range of accessories designed to increase the convenience and comfort of your bathroom, making it more luxurious. The accessories include Heated Towel Warmers and Mirror Defogger.

Warmup Products for Comfort and Quality

Warmup’s products are high-quality because of the extensive research and development that goes into designing them. They have the best accreditations and are recognized globally. All products include warranties and will save energy, giving you peace of mind knowing that they will last longer and also help the environment. When deciding between radiant floor heating vs baseboard heat, Warmup proves it’s radiant all the way.

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