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Manufacturer Spotlight: Russin Lumber

Lumber is something that has to be well made, well-sourced, and well treated until the moment it arrives in the customer’s hands. This process can go wrong at so many different points, so it’s vital that it’s carefully taken care of.

We’re proud to spotlight Russin Lumber and show off the incredible products they offer. They’re the best name in modern lumber, and anyone who needs it should consider working with them.

Who Is Russin Lumber?

Russin has been offering high-quality building materials for over 65 years, connecting to customers and ensuring every order gets everything they need. In the last three generations that have worked here, they’ve grown and adapted with the times, ensuring that they stay on trend while still offering the same high-quality and well-made materials as they have since they started.

Working directly with homeowners and contractors alike, they work to get you the best products possible and create a selection of products and brands that bridge the gap between function and innovation: and offer prices and styles that can make anyone happy for anything from deck tiles and beyond.

Although they have changed and grown through the years: their main focus has always been high-quality lumber and building supplies and helping customers make the best decisions for any project they’re working on.

What Do They Offer?

Over the years, Russin’s catalog of offerings has grown to include whatever their customers need that can be made with high-quality lumber. This has ranged from products outside the home like thermory decking to products used inside, and it always ensures that it’s made to meet the highest standards possible.

These are some of the products they offer:


Decks are a space where anyone can enjoy spending time outside and entertaining or lounging and taking in the fresh air. Russin offers a large selection of composites to the best wood options for deck boards and works hard to match both your taste and your budget.


Interior and exterior cedar siding can change everything about how you feel about a space. Whether you’re creating a wood accent wall or adding log cabin siding on the exterior of your property, the high-quality lumber that Russin offers gives you the chance to grab the beautiful look you want. Offering a large selection, from rustic knotty looks to more modern contemporary looks, you’ll get to find something that’s in your style without even having to try it. 

Porch Flooring

Most people are looking for a reason to spend more time outside this year, and what better reason than adding a nice pagoda or gazebo? Wooden structures are a great way to shade and cool your yard while also adding gorgeous visual interest. Offering high-quality, gorgeous posts, timbers, and other lumber, Russin takes the time to give you exactly what you need to make your dream lawn happen.

Boards and Trim

Board and trim matter because they’re the gorgeous details that can make the outside of your home truly stand out. If you live in an area that’s conventionally called a ‘cookie cutter’ neighborhood, having a unique board and trim can allow your property to stand out and look more iconic. Not only does Russin offer a large selection of styles and finishes, but they’ll also help you pick if you’re stuck and aren’t sure what will work best for your property. 

Railing Systems

We all want to keep our loved ones safe, and that’s far easier if you’re able to use railings to make that happen. From thicker classic admiral railing systems to thinner and more modern systems wood deck railing, you’ll be able to keep your loved ones safe, and your home looks as gorgeous as ever.

Outdoor Lumber

Porches often get overlooked in place of cedar decking: but with the right lumber, you can make sure your porch catches the eye of everyone who sees it. Russin offers porch flooring that’s warp-resistant and durable while also able to stand up against the elements. Russin porch flooring gives you the chance to have a floor you can depend on, that’s also extremely attractive. 


Wood siding and cladding on any home don’t have to be boring. You can have gorgeous wooden details that make the exterior of your home look like a piece of art if you work with Russin. Their fantastic understanding of shape and color will ensure that you end up with a property that’s breathtaking.

Where to Find Russin Lumber

Russin lumber can currently be purchased directly from the company or through dealers all over the country. Available so far only in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic as of 2022, it’s continuing to expand west and grow: but its main focus is on continuing to send the best products. The only thing stopping it from growing further is ensuring that the products are able to reach their destinations in the best quality possible.

We’re Proud to Spotlight Russin Lumber

Russin Lumber is a fantastic company that’s spent nearly 70 years showing off its clear understanding of what a customer wants and deserves. Consider getting lumber from them and creating a property all your own!

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