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Manufacturer Spotlight: Rollex

Rollex, located just outside of Chicago, Illinois, is a quality building product manufacturing company that has become an industry leader by providing quality products for homeowners and building professionals, and also by being innovative in the industry. They introduced the first modular pre-finished soffit system in the 50’s, and also added steel siding into their field of expertise in the 80’s.

In addition to being beneficial to homeowners and building professionals, Rollex is committed to using renewable resources in their manufacturing process to preserve the environment.

If you want steel or vinyl siding, or aluminum soffit, Rollex products will maintain the appearance of your home and protect it from outside elements since the coating will not blister, peel, crack, or flake.

Rollex products also have the added benefit of being able to be recycled at any time. The manufacturing processes that are used are designed to conserve energy and reduce waste while maintaining the quality and the beauty of the products.

Rollex Products

The following quality roofing and siding products are manufactured by Rollex:

Aluminum Soffit

The soffit can be found under the eaves on the flat surface that bridges the gap between the roof lines and the siding. The soffit protects the attic from the weather and provides necessary ventilation. Ventilation is important for of the following reasons:

  • Enables the roof materials to last longer
  • Prevents moisture from building up especially during winter
  • Saves on energy costs by preventing build-up of heat 

Rollex aluminum soffit is available in hidden-vent, non-vented, and vented profiles that complement fiber cement, stucco, brick, or vinyl siding with a beautiful maintenance-free finish.

Horizon Vinyl Siding

Horizon vinyl siding from Rollex creates a vibrant style for your home’s exterior by providing it with a clean look that will increase your home’s value.

Available in a wide range of rich colors, the contemporary low-luster finish and the wood grain texture naturally blend with the style of your home’s architecture.

It is 100% maintenance-free. Rollex uses a unique coloring process to manufacture horizon vinyl siding, that allows the color to permeate the siding, removing any worries about color fading or scratches.

Steel Siding

Rollex makes two types of steel siding to protect your home from extreme weather conditions while maintaining its beauty; Aurora and Navigator steel siding, which are both extremely durable and feature an oven-infused finish in order to protect against scratches and dents. Steel siding has a more rigid makeup, and tighter seams that provide lasting beauty without warping or buckling.

Rollex steel siding is safe for the environment, it is also extremely durable, 100% recyclable, and safe to install. It’s important to know that products made of steel do not emit the silica dust that causes cancer, but it is produced by cement products that are made of fiber.

Steel siding comes in a range of designer colors, and features a natural woodgrain finish. Rollex steel siding can give you peace of mind because of the lifetime warranty, and the protection it provides for you and your loved ones.


A properly installed rainware system prevents ice and water damage by directing the moisture away from the foundation and walls of a home or building. Rainware products by Rollex are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as ice and snow.

They are made with high-quality aluminum to allow water to efficiently runoff the roof and they will not buckle or sag, giving you great performance for years. They are free from maintenance and resistant to abrasion, metal marking, and scuffing.

They are tested and designed to ensure water runoff and drainage is efficient. The proprietary coating is designed to allow for mar resistance, easy cleaning, and color retention. Rollex Rainware products are available in a variety of colors to allow you to customize and coordinate the exterior of your home.  

Low Maintenance, High Quality

Rollex products give you peace of mind because they come with a lifetime warranty that includes fade and chalk coverage. Rollex products require very little maintenance and in normal weather, all you need is to occasionally clean these products by spraying them off with clean water to remove dirt and soil.

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