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Manufacturer Spotlight: Package Concierge

Mail is something that matters to everyone in the world. From how we can receive checks to the importance of the packages we ordered and letters from loved ones, we want to ensure that our mail comes and goes safely.

Thankfully, Package Concierge is here to bridge the gap that old mail services may have caused. Focused on safety, security, and predictability: we’re proud to spotlight Package Concierge.

Who is the Package Concierge?

Founded by industry leaders in the Multifamily category, Package Concierge is a business that takes its customers’ needs extremely seriously. By offering smart locker management solutions, they give you the chance to ensure that regardless of what type of business type you have, you’ll find the answer to all of your mail problems with them.

The main goal of Package Concierge is to help automate your package management and help you ensure that your mail set-up is the best it could be for years and years. Their customer service is highly rated and attentive to any needs or questions you have while you’re purchasing or using their products. Most reviews say they were surprised at how quickly the company gets to work and helps them with any worries or questions.

What Do They Offer?

Although some may assume that all package rooms and package concierge services are the same: but every office and building needs something unique to its needs. Because of this, Package Concierge offers everything from retail pickup lockers to lockers for student housing and even corporate office package services. This ensures they can scale to whatever you need without you having to worry about finding the best fit for your situation. 

Although Package Concierge offers a large range of products and services: each of them is keenly designed and thoughtfully made so that they’ll be exactly what every customer needs, this ensures that you don’t have to worry about low quality and rushed products and that you can be sure your mail is in good hands.

Element, Premier, and Express Locker Series

Different companies and people need various package concierge services, so Package Concierge offers something for everyone. These are their three main types of services and why you may want each of them.


Aptly named Element because of where it’s placed, this outdoor mail service ensures that all packages and letters are safe from the elements in this weather-resistant and secure automated locker system. In addition, this provides that if your building doesn’t have the space for an internal mail system, you can instead enjoy the security of an exterior one that will last for as long as you need it to.


The next set of commercial lockers is indoors, further protecting them from the elements and using heavy-gauge steel to ensure that lockers are as safe as possible. This will allow whomever you need the mail services to know their property is secure, and they don’t have to fear anyone gaining access who shouldn’t gain access. These smart package lockers are as safe as you can get outside of a bank.


The express locker series is based on a modular design. This allows a kiosk module as either a standalone system or grouped with other modules to build a larger mail and package solution. Installing these doesn’t require floor or base anchoring, and the leveling feet ensure it’s easy to install while offering a sleek and gorgeous appearance.

Where to Find Package Concierge

The best way to contact Package Concierge for anything from a commercial to an apartment parcel locker system is to call their sales line directly. Not only does this give you the chance to talk to them as soon as possible, but these employees are also highly trained on storage solutions for anyone’s needs. This means that in the long run, you’ll be able to trust the system they set you up with, while in the meanwhile, you’ll be as educated as you want to be on the product and company itself. They take their products seriously, so contacting them is a must if you have any questions or you’re unsure about something.

We’re Proud to Spotlight Package Concierge

From their strong work ethic, and high-quality products, to the range of package offerings that ensure you’ll find something that suits your needs, Package Concierge takes everything into account and turns it into a service that suits your needs. We’re proud to spotlight this company, so consider checking out some of the mail and parcel solutions they offer so that your business can focus on the business at hand instead of trying to figure out mail solutions every single day.

Don’t Take Up Valuable Time With Packages

Although our mail is important to every facet of our lives, it shouldn’t take up the precious time you need to spend on things that matter most in life. Trusting a company like Package Concierge to help ensure security is the best thing any company can do for itself.

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