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FoodSafe Drains: Manufacturer Spotlight

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FoodSafe Drains offers economical drainage solutions for the foods and beverage industry. It is an expansion of Global Drain Technologies that took over the North American slot drain invented by Glen Kehler in the 1980s.

Since its inception, FoodSafe Drains has strived to offer high-quality products in combination with expert advice to drive value for their customers. It works with commercial businesses and industry owners to minimize costs and long-term risks associated with inadequate drainage systems that support bacteria growth.

Understanding FoodSafe Drain’s Products

FoodSafe Drains boasts of delivering world-class drainage products and solutions designed to prevent risks associated with improper sanitation and contamination. They are famous for building drainage systems that can stand considerable rough wear and tear while keeping the products free of germs.

Moreover, they promise to offer custom drainage solutions that fit your requirements regardless of your reasons for the application. The following are some of the features attributed to FoodSafe Drain systems that give them a competitive edge in the market.

  • Designed to avoid contamination
  • Sloped surfaces that prevent standing water
  • No crack, crevices, or chips on the surfaces
  • All the fabrication is free from debris, burns, or overlapping joints
  • Drain systems have radii of over 5 mm with no 90o angles or corner welds
  • Built for utmost resilience and strength

Additionally, their products comply with the food-safe design and fabrication principles as per ANSI 3-A 14159-1, BS EN 1672, and BS EN14159 standards.

Slot Drain System

For the food and beverage industry, where people and products are always in motion, you need a Slot Drain System to keep your equipment and floor safe from the risks of contamination.

This system is made of stainless steel, displaying a no-niche design that does not trap bacteria and makes it easy to integrate with the existing workflow and equipment.

Moreover, it is equipped to support the heaviest traffic, including forklifts, and comes complete with CIP and Flush capabilities. Moreover, FoodSafe Drains offer custom cleaning tools that are designed specifically to clean the slot drain system.

Trench Drain Systems

The trench drain system is designed to drain solids quickly and easily without plugging the drain to ensure a smooth workflow.

This system is wide enough to allow the free passage of solids to be disposed of safely and quickly without harboring bacteria. The trench drain system also offers durability and strength as it can stand the weight of heavy traffic.

You can easily integrate into your work floor and ensure your employee safety by its tamper-proof grating.

Area And Hub Drains

Area and hub drains serve as a solution for standing water that poses bacterial accumulation risks and foul odors. It features a radius-edge design that prevents the water from standing and inhibits the growth of bacteria.

The area and hub drain come with tamper-proof strainers that prevent clogging and offer protection to your employees during the work processes. Moreover, they are durable enough to endure the weight of heavy equipment such as forklifts.

FoodSafe Drain Products – Industry Standard For Quality Drainage Systems

FoodSafe Drains has established a high-quality standard for specially designed drainage systems that prevent clogging and the unfavorable growth of germs and bacteria in the food and beverages industry.

They ensure a safe and well-sanitized workflow to ensure that your products are free from any contaminants that might harm the industry’s customers and, eventually, their business.

This company caters to meat processing and packaging facilities, fresh produce industries, cheese production facility, breweries, wineries, and baking facilities in the food and beverages industry.

Their dedication to a hygienic facility that offers easy cleaning and maintenance solutions for drainages has helped them position their services as a trendsetter in the market. It has become the first choice for all the companies that use good manufacturing processes in the food industry.

They even offer recommendations and consultations for facilities with unique requirements for customized drainage systems that seamlessly integrate with their workflow.

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