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Adorned Openings: Manufacturer Spotlight

Adorned Openings is a U.S. company based in Pennsylvania that creates custom handcrafted shutters in a variety of styles and colors, and ships them right to their customers’ doorsteps. They also offer several different hardware options that will make installation simple. 

Adorned Openings Shutters

Adorned Openings’ exterior shutters are made of high quality, yet affordable materials that are built to last and will fit many budgets. Below, there is more information on their wide range of options, both standard and customizable. 

Material – Composite Wood 

Adorned Openings uses high-quality composite wood when handcrafting their shutters. Composite wood is a mixture of wood, straw, and plastic fibers that are combined and held together by adhesive. Composite wood emulates the look of real wood shutters at a more affordable price point. 

Adorned Openings chooses composite wood that is higher quality than the standard MDF (medium-density fiberboard) and will be moisture, termite, and damage-resistant. This also allows Adorned Openings’ shutters to be longer-lasting than plastic vinyl shutters, which can become distorted over time, especially when frequently exposed to direct sunlight. 

Wooden shutters, including composite wood shutters, create a high-quality and authentic look that will perfectly complement the overall aesthetic of your home’s exterior. 

Style, Color, and Other Customizable Options 

Adorned Openings’ shutters come in several different styles, including, panel, louver, and board & batten, as well as various combinations of these styles. Within these shutter styles, there are many variations and shapes to choose from, making it easy for customers to find a style that will suit the look of their home. 

A number of standard color options are available, and a custom color matching service is also available to perfectly match a home’s existing exterior colors. 

For added detail and personalization, customers can also choose a shape to be cut out at the top of their shutters, such as an acorn, tree, or fleur de lis. These small details will give a home a unique character. 

Premium Finish

The paint finishes chosen by Adorned Openings are designed to protect against UV rays and weather elements, so that exterior shutter colors remain vibrant for longer. The finish can also be cleaned easily with soap and water. 

Choosing the Right Options 

Adorned Openings makes it easy when a customer is not quite sure what styles and colors to choose for their home. They offer samples of each shutter style, and customers can also order a set of 3 color samples of their choice. Their sample options allow customers to easily view everything in person before making their purchase online, all from the comfort of their home. 

If a customer chooses to request a custom color for their shutters, they will mix the custom paint color and send them a sample of the color for approval before any painting begins. 

Adorned Openings Hardware

Adorned Openings’ decorative shutter hardware includes several different options to choose from. This hardware will give shutters authenticity and functionality. They also offer fixed mount hardware that is primarily decorative and will add gorgeous details to custom shutters.

Ordering and Installation

When a customer orders Adorned Openings shutters, they will need to provide accurate window measurements to ensure that the shutters will perfectly fit their windows. They offer an easy-to-follow guide on their website that explains how to measure for shutters properly. 

On their website, they also offer simple and easy-to-follow installation guides for each type of hardware. 

Adorned Openings – The Choice for High-Quality Shutters 

Adorned Opening’s commitment to a streamlined and simple process with exceptional customer service will allow customers to easily determine the perfect style for their home, and have it shipped on time to their doorstep. Their handcrafted process means customers are receiving a high-quality product that will remain durable and in excellent condition for years to come. They are simply the superior choice for composite wood shutters and hardware. 

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