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Manufacturer Spotlight: Zar

Nothing is better than a good coat of something from Zar when it comes to wood sealing and reinventing a space. From stains to sealants, you can find something that will spruce up the look of your room while ensuring that the wood your items are made out of is going to last and look good for its entire life. 

Zar is a fantastic manufacturer and has everything you could need to kick your home up to the next level, from an amazing exterior wood stain to wood repair. Here's what it can do for you: and why you should consider purchasing from them soon.

First, how they can help the interior of your home.

No Wood Surfaces Should Go Unfinished

Every wood surface is at risk if it's not sealed. This risk could be chipping, rotting, warping, or even easily denting, depending on the type of wood. Everything from your stain to wood finishing products and sealant should be carefully chosen to demand longer-lasting results. Whether you're replacing a door, sealing your floor, or finishing a handmade table, Zar has the materials that will make your job easier. Their awesome interior cedar wood finish

If You Don’t Seal: Oil Is Necessary

We’ve all seen the horrible outcome of wood that’s dried out without a finish on it. The wood will lose some of its pigment, become brittle, and is far more likely to splinter or crack. If you don’t want to put a strong seal on it, it’s a good idea to keep it oiled and well cared for. 

Tung Oil by Zar will help the wood act like it's still fresh and brand new. Avoiding stains, keeping marks off its surface, and allowing it to survive the heat or cold can ensure that these surfaces last longer. This is best for bar counters, tables, or other high-traffic surfaces that need to look their best.

Use Color for Style and Design Differences

Regardless of whether you want a calming cabin aesthetic or you like darker stains: the interior wood stain colors should be exact. Everyone wants a color that works across multiple surfaces without worrying about applying an incredible number of coats or fixing lines that appeared from an uneven application. Zar worked to create the perfect formula that allows for beautiful stains to show off the natural beauty of the wood while also making the look that you want.

Let’s not forget: the exterior of your home needs help too.

Decks and Siding Need Finishing Touches

Drylock wants every inch of your home to shine. With sealants and finishes for desk and siding, they take this further and ensure every inch of your home looks new and well taken care of. In addition, using things like their wood filler and exterior wood sealer can ensure these parts of your home can hold up against most weather without showing their age.

Outdoor stains that are made to last longer in rougher weather can also help surfaces keep up a fresh look. Of course, these should still be protected with an outdoor wood sealer, but they'll hold up better than most other stains available.

Wood Is One Of The Oldest Building Materials: Zar Perfected It

Even if you've never worked with wood before, or you're facing your first project as a DIY star: it's okay! Zar's products are of great quality and do a lot of the work for you. Although you should still pay attention and try to lay down an even surface, their stains, sealants, and wax can all create a home that's beautiful inside and out: and built to last for as long as it's needed.

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