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Manufacturer Spotlight: SMARTci


Insulation is something that touches every part of your life. From how much noise gets into the building- to how comfortable the temperature is and how much moisture or insect life is blocked out. Any company that creates and sells insulation has to be high-caliber in order for its customers to trust it: and we’re proud to say we trust SMARTci.

This company is one of a kind and offers great customer service paired with awesome products and an understanding of what’s needed of them. These are the reasons we’re proud to put a spotlight on SMARTci, and why they’re a great choice for insulation.

Construction can be a perfect storm of wasteful, stressful, and expensive: but SMARTci is working to turn all of this around. This Michigan-based company has a strong handle on creating a thermal break and mounting platform that ensures the entire building is insulated. A focus on flexible design ensures they can work with almost any project. 

Customer reviews on their public profiles show that clients of SMARTci get quick and in-depth responses and are looped in on the process every step of the way. This allows every person overseeing the process to understand what’s happening at any time and have a better appreciation for what SMARTci is capable of.

This company is passionate about insulation, and all of their products are there to help seal off every property from water, temperature fluctuations, and everything else that could come from a poorly insulated home.

What Do They Offer?

SMARTci may seem like a mystery when we start saying terms like FRP trim, but it’s one of the best companies for energy efficiency and customer care. These are the top three products it offers and what this company can do for you. 


SMARTci’s roof components help combine the building’s roof and insulation system into a singular structure. As a structural component, the GreenGirt is an insulated composite that helps reduce heat loss in the winter and heat entry in the summer. The insulated roof panels that are part of this ensure you never have to worry about temperature or moisture fluctuation.


As a joining component, GreenGirt connects the building and insulation together in assembly. This gets rid of the need for thermal bridging and can allow thermal efficiency of over 92%. This is a recyclable building life product with a LEED certification.

2 in 1

SMARTci’s 2 in 1 system is a complete continuous insulation solution. Eliminating the need for thermal bridging while needing no through-wall fasteners, this system has the highest thermal efficiency ratings in the industry while remaining cost-effective. 

Each of these products has a large focus on connecting the building as much as possible with high-quality insulation so there’s no room for leaks of air or moisture and that the building can be completely sealed. These are awesome for any construction job.

The Green Work

SMARTci knows that we live in a constantly changing world and that we have to be able to flex and grow with it. Offering recyclable products that are designed to last for the life of the buildings they’re in, they work to reduce trash and pollution. Beyond this, the high-quality insulation they offer can severely lower how much you pay every month for heating and cooling.

Using their handy energy cost calculator, you’ll be amazed at how much lower they can get your power bill down every month instead of struggling to keep up with it.

A third of all customers are currently seeking out green and eco-friendly goods and companies every time they make a purchase, so SMARTci is the best company to work with to ensure you can follow through with being environmentally friendly. 

Where to Find SMARTci

If you’re curious about pricing or want to know what SMARTci can do for you, they have a quote request form on their site. This is awesome regardless of whether you’re looking for thermal break clips or a full 2 in 1 and allows you to build a budget for yourself before you buy.

Their office is located in Allegan, Michigan, but they aren’t localized to only this area!

We’re Proud to Spotlight SMARTci.

SMARTci is a company that anyone would be lucky to work with. After seeing reviews from clients, looking at their high-quality products, and understanding their more than fair pricing, we’re proud to set SMARTci in the spotlight. Not only are their products great for the environment and wallet, but they’re also an awesome company to work with and offer something that few companies do.

If you’re looking for an insulation company to start working with, SMARTci should be on the top of your list!

Insulation Can Control A Building’s Health

Whether you’re building homes or business headquarters: it’s vital that the building is well insulated. SMARTci understands this need and does its best to deliver everything you could want and more.

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