Austin Texas Homes and Buildings Utilize Insulated Concrete Blocks

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Contemporary healthcare buildings constructed with ICF Wall System’s insulated concrete blocks (ICBs) provide patients and medical staff a healthy, comfortable, safe and quiet indoor environment. ICF Blocks are also energy-efficient, quick to install, low-maintenance and durable – all features that save healthcare building owners money. 

ICF Wall System Meets the Requirements of a Modern Healthcare Building in Texas

ICBs are ideal for constructing healthcare buildings in Texas. Healthcare building design in Texas must consider the hot and humid weather of the region along with the constant threats of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires. In addition, a healthy and quiet indoor environment is essential for the comfort of the occupants of a medical building. Finally, cost savings through quick construction and selection of low maintenance and sustainable materials is vital to modern healthcare buildings. 

An ICF Wall System ensures an energy-efficient, disaster-resistant, healthy, comfortable and quiet healthcare building. ICF construction also reduces building costs and provides a durable and low maintenance structure.

  • An ICF Wall System R-14 continuous insulation stops thermal bridging and creates a comfortable, energy-efficient building envelope that is compliant with the current building codes (ASHRAE 90.1 and 2015 IECC)
  • An ICF Air and Moisture Barrier limits thermal convection by preventing the infiltration of air and moisture to the interior of the healthcare buildings
  • ICF Blocks maintain their integrity during intense hurricane winds over 200 mph. Insulated concrete blocks also resist damage debris flying over 100 mph
  • The ICF Wall System has an ASTM E119 fire rating of four hours and ASTM E84 values for flame speed of zero and smoke development of twenty. Because the Blocks Achieve the ASTM E84 and NFPA 286, they meet the NFPA 101 code
  • An ICF Wall System is healthy because it is mold resistant and has zero percent volatile organic compounds (VOC) content
  • An ICF Wall System is noise reducing
  • An ICF Wall System is simple and quick to install.
  • ICF Blocks are sustainable, durable, and low-maintenance because they are not susceptible to wood rot and termite and they are disaster-resistant

Texas Healthcare Buildings Utilize Insulated Concrete Blocks

Three ICF healthcare buildings in Texas achieve all the vital requirements of a modern healthcare building: energy-efficiency, moisture-, wind-, and fire-resistance, healthy, comfortable, quiet, low maintenance and durable. 

An ICF Wall System also lesson construction time of a healthcare building. The integrations of the ICF walls, with structural steel features, demonstrates the speed, flexibility, and efficiency of installing an ICF Wall System. These features can reduce construction time and costs over traditional multi-layer wall systems.

Austin Regional Clinic – Cedar Park

Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) in Cedar Park, Texas, was first in the region to utilize an ICF Wall System to construct their two-story healthcare building, with a final height just over 32 feet tall. Architect Neel Morton selected the an ICF Wall System to provide a healthy and safe indoor environment for the patients and medical staff. Critical considerations for selecting an ICF Block also included long-term performance, energy-efficiency, and low maintenance and repair costs. 

Austin Regional Clinic –  Bee Cave

Austin Regional Clinic in Bee Cave, just west of Austin, Texas, is a single-story primary care healthcare building designed by Noack-Little Architects and Neel Morton Office of Architecture and constructed with the ICF Wall System.  Kemp Properties and ARC teams selected an ICF Wall System to ensure the building was energy-efficient, had long-term durability, and low maintenance costs. The selection of an ICF Block also created quiet and comfortable spaces that promote medical staff productivity and high patient’s satisfaction. 

Texas Surgical Dermatology, P.A.

Dr. Tri Nguyen, of Texas Surgical Dermatology, P.A. in Spring, Texas, choose an ICF Wall System to construct his new medical office. Dr. Nguyen wanted to specifically incorporate feng shui techniques and create a comfortable, safe and quiet indoor environment for his patients and staff. Dr. Nguyen was also interested in utilizing durable and sustainable materials from Texas that would reduce costs and construction time. Dr. Nguyen and his general contractor, Jonathan Greene, found all these features in an ICF Wall System.

  • R-14 continuous mass wall that exceeds energy codes by 250%
  • Noise reduction with high sound transmission class (STC) of 51
  • Protection from mold, mildew, and rot inside exterior walls
  • ICC and FEMA rated windstorm protection
  • 4-hour fire rated walls

By constructing the Texas Surgical Dermatology with an ICF Wall System, Dr. Nguyen created a healthcare building that is safe, quiet, and healthy for his patients and employees that exceeds modern building requirements and the latest building codes. 

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