How To Hide An Attic Door In A Ceiling

attic door in ceiling

Ceiling and attic access doors and panels are great not only at providing you easy access to your attic but also for concealing your panels since they are located up top. They blend really well into the ceiling panel. You get the access that you need and you can also have different options for how you’d like your panel to be installed. 

For ceiling attic doors, you have many options. You can opt for a ceiling hatch, where your doors first open to check the position for safety precautions. You will then be able to release to a full 90 degree open and even remove your panel if needed. And then you also have the drop-in door. As what the name suggests, it “drops into” the ceiling it sits on so you have full mobility. 

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Of course, ceiling attic access doors usually have a standard pull cord dangling down. And although you may not admit it– it actually does not look attractive, right? So, how can you hide your attic door in the ceiling? Here are some tips that can help you hide your attic door. 

1. Place Decor To Divert The Eyes Away From The Panel 

You may only need access a few times a year, depending on the nature of your business. If this is true for you, then don’t sweat trying to blend into the room. If your access panel is found in a hallway, you can try hiding it by adding an appealing object in such a place. 

For example, you can add vases or antique jars along the hallway. A tall potted plant can also make for the perfect distraction. They’re all stunning and often draw in much attention from visitors. However, if you’re looking for something that would require a little less maintenance, you can use medium-sized paintings or photographs as a distraction. Align them in the hallway where your attic door is located. Visitors will surely look at your walls and check out the paintings and photographs, instead of looking up.

2. Get Rid of That Pull Cord 

It’s usually the rope or pull cord (if you have a drop-down attic door) that ruins the concealment of your door. So, what we are suggesting is that you get rid of that pull cord and put in a nice handle instead. Once you already have a handle in place of the cord, you should also paint it the same color as your ceiling. Also, make sure that the door and woodwork are painted the same color as the ceiling to help them blend– this is important so the attic door won’t stand out and just be taken as a natural part of your ceiling. You can also complement this by adding artwork and photos on the wall so the eyes of your visitors won’t be drawn up. 

3. Add Suspended Decorative Light Boxes 

One more option for you is the addition of suspended decorative light boxes– one placed directly on top of your attic door and maybe some more in the same row, just for consistency. 

However, this might require the help of an architect or electrician in order to plan and design the idea correctly and make sure that all the wirings are properly placed and won’t be destroyed in case you open the attic door. Take note, however, that this is only advisable if you don’t require that much use of your attic door. If you keep on using your attic door, we don’t recommend this for you. But if you do insist, then you can enlist the help of a professional to make this design work.

4. Turn It Into An Art 

If you’re a business that needs constant use of your attic, then this is probably the best option for you– turning your attic door into an art. You can hire a muralist to do the job of painting that drop-down door and turning it into a mural. With this kind of option, you don’t only have easy access to your attic when in regular use, but you can also ensure that no customer will notice that attic door. All they will see is a beautiful mural until you start opening that door. 

5. Use A Recessed Access Door For Your Attic

With today’s wide array of materials for access doors, instead of using the common standard metal frame, try using a recessed access door. These doors will provide you with a much more pleasant, smooth finish. 

Why should you use a recessed door? Recessed doors essentially blend in with the wall that it lies on so it matches the surface. Moreover, their door frames are integrated into the wall prior to the installation of drywall. A major benefit of using recessed doors is that they are well hidden so they can go just about anywhere and you can just easily hang other decors over these panels. 

Concealing your attic doors doesn’t have to be a huge task! You just have to be creative while keeping in mind that your door is there to serve a purpose. With this in your mind, you will be able to come up with a solution for your aesthetic issues while also not forgetting why you have an attic door in the first place.

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