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9 Home Renovation Tips to Increase House Value

increase house value

When it comes to increasing your property value, home renovation is one of the easiest ways to do it. There are so many different projects and additions you can explore, the real problem is overcoming decision fatigue and actually settling on one or a few different projects. With so many options it can be hard to explore them all, so here are 9 home renovation tips you can use to increase your property value.

1. New Lighting

Switching out old switches and lightbulbs for energy-efficient bulbs and dimmer switches is a simple way to increase property value. The ability to control the brightness level of the lighting in a home is very attractive to most buyers.

2. Countertop Upgrades

Many homes have only standard plastic countertops. One quick way to boost your property value is to upgrade your countertops to a more desirable material. The battle rages on regarding quartz vs granite countertops, but most homeowners prefer quartz as it will continue to look beautiful year after year, with little to no maintenance required, while a marble counter will likely become stained and etched. You could also explore a newly engineered, high-quality, solid surface texture.

3. Duct Sealing

Leaky ducts cost a fortune when your energy bill comes around each month. One tangible way to boost property value and lower the monthly expenses of your home is to seal your ducts. Companies like Aeroseal and others are able to perform air duct cleaning and use special, patented technology to find every leak in your ductwork and seal it up almost instantly.

4. Reclaimed Wood Products

Distressed hardwoods created from reclaimed wood are all the rage these days. You can raise your property value by having new floors, countertops, or both installed with this trending material.

5. Polyiso Roof Insulation

Polyiso insulation is a type of foam insulation for your roof that can improve energy efficiency by a significant margin. Having it installed on your roof will lower your energy bills, thus making the home more attractive to potential buyers and raising your property value.

6. Soffit

A fresh new vented soffit around the edge of your home just below the roof is another easy way to raise your property value. A new soffit looks great and improves energy efficiency by ventilating the inside of your roof. This boosts curb appeal and raises your property value in one fell swoop.

7. A House Wrap

House wraps are extra insulation layers that lay beneath everything else on the exterior of your walls. They better-insulate your vulnerable areas and add value to a property by improving energy efficiency and providing extra protection against air and moisture penetration.

8. Solar Panel Shingles

Interweaving a few solar panel shingles into your roof will help slash your electricity bill as well as boost your property value. They are very affordable and blend right in with already-existing roofing.

9. New Siding

According to Corey Tyner, a real estate consultant for land buyers in Arizona, it might sound daunting, but installing a new type of siding is a surefire way to boost the value of your home and improve insulation and long-term durability. Vertical steel siding is quite popular at the moment. Wood siding has a long run of popularity throughout the years, and is a great option if you are upgrading from vinyl. For prospective buyers, the issue of wood vs vinyl siding can be a determining factor when making a purchasing decision.

The Number of Ways to Boost Your Property Value is Almost Endless

Try any one of these options or combine a few of them together to boost your property value as high as you can. You should see a nice return on your investment when it’s time to sell.

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