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Everything You Should Know About HafcoVac

In many commercial industries, dust explosions caused by the intersection of flammable dust and electric components in vacuums in a huge safety concern. These explosions can range from startling to deadly, and everybody who works in or owns a commercial space where these might occur should be heavily invested in preventing them at all costs.

Explosions caused by flammable dust particles such as those found in a variety of different commercial buildings are only able to happen when there is a concentration of substances that are combustible, combined with open-air and an ignition source. Electric vacuums have motors and moving parts that are able to create sparking, friction, and arcing. These factors make them an extremely dangerous choice for cleaning around combustible substances, even in the smallest amounts. 

Thankfully, HafcoVac has provided the perfect solution in the form of explosion-proof, industrial vacuum cleaners. These vacuums are made from material that is bonded together in such a way that no single part is isolated and without a path to the ground. Powered by compressed air, HafcoVac explosion-proof vacuums are completely immune to static buildup, electric sparking, and any other conditions that might lead to a catastrophic dust explosion in the workspace.

HafcoVac Offers Plenty of Choices, Parts, and Accessories

The explosion-proof vacuum cleaner line offered by HafcoVac is ATEX certified to be safe for usage in hazardous locations with flammable material. This line uses a static conductive hose to provide the same level of cleaning capabilities as regular electric vacuums with none of the explosion risk. 

HafcoVac offers stainless steel and regular industrial vacuum cleaners of the 30 and 55-gallon drum variety. They feature HEPA certified filtration and the S’Hush Noise Reducer, and are available with same-day shipping if ordered online. They also have standard vacuums for sale that come equipped with a 15 or 25-foot hose.

Their pneumatic vacuum cleaner line is able to be powered by a variety of different compressed air configurations and compatible with multiple hose and drum sizes as well. The HV-7063 HEPA Filter is also available for purchase and will turn any HafcoVac vacuum cleaners you buy into hepa vacuums the moment you attach them.

HafcoVac also offers an option for you to build your own vacuum, designing it specifically to fit your industrial cleaning needs by mixing and matching different drum and hose sizes as well as a variety of accessories like the essential overhead tool kit, the JACK tool holder, the S’HUSH silencer, the overhead extension kit, vacuum heads, the Gulper Wand, floor tools, crevice tools, brushes, and more.

HafcoVac is Safe in Any Industry

Whether you work in an industry that deals with asbestos abatement, lead paint recovery, pharmaceutical manufacturing, healthcare facility cleanup, combustible dust, mining, food processing, power generation, paper and pulp, woodworking, machine shops and metalworking, chemical dust, dry processing, powder, oil, gas, sludge, flour, grain, or food dust, an explosion-proof vacuum from HafcoVac will greatly reduce your risk of a potentially deadly explosion in the workplace. Put safety first with HafcoVac vacuums. 

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