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7 Top-Notch Garage Cabinets For Small and Big Garages

The Garage: a parking space, workshop, seasonal storage, and a jumble of mess. Does this sound familiar? Your garage could instead be a haven for projects, a second living room away from the distractions of the house, and an organized extension of the home, but to accomplish all of that you’ll need to take a serious look at your garage storage system.

One of the best ways to increase the functionality of your garage is to keep it well organized with a sleek appearance, and the best way to accomplish this is to install quality utility cabinets. To get storage boxes, tools, outdoor toys, and more up and away from the line of sight makes the space feel put-together, liveable, and even bigger. 

How you use your space will determine what kind of garage cabinet storage will best suit you, so to get a good grasp on what’s available for all garage sizes, keep reading. You might be surprised at what all is available to help you utilize your garage space to its full potential. 

How to choose the best cabinets for your garage:

  • Consider your garage size. The size of your garage largely determines what solution is best for you: you want enough storage, but something too big for your space is useless.
  • What will you use them for? Identifying the cabinets’ primary function beforehand will help make sure you’re choosing a good size and material. 
  • Determine your priorities. Know your priority with your cabinets and don’t compromise. Is budget, appearance, or capacity your main concern?
  • Have an open mind. There are many, many options available to you. So know what you’re looking for but keep an open mind and an open eye to different options that could meet your needs and suit your priorities.

Prepac Storage Cabinet Set

Prepac Storage Cabinet Set, D-3 pc, Light Gray

Having a fully finished, well-organized, spot-free garage is the dream, right? Everything has a place, dirt isn’t accumulating around random toys and tools that lay around the garage, and all the clutter is out of sight.

Luckily it isn’t just a dream. If you’d like to have somewhere to place all your garage clutter, creating a streamlined space, you don’t need to look any further. A wall-mounted storage cabinet set is going to fill that gap in your organizational system.

Best for organizing clutter in a finished garage.

The biggest advantage: This unit fits seamlessly into a utility space and provides covered storage.

Key parameters:

  1. 116” L x 90” W x 72” H.
  2. Finish: Gray laminate.
  3. Tools required: Drill, tape measure, stud finder, and level.


  • Wall-hung cabinets offer more floor space while still concealing and organizing storage.
  • Laminate finish is durable and affordable for utility spaces.
  • Customizable with extensions and add-ons from Prapac.

Keep in mind:

  • Because the unit is wall-hung, it must be placed properly over wall studs.
  • Not recommended to store more than 600 pounds inside the unit.
  • The wall doubles as cabinet backing, so it’s essential it’s flush on the wall.

House Deals Rolling Storage Cabinet

Metal Storage Cabinet 4 Shelves Rolling Tool Garage Warehouse Studio Shelving Stainless Steel Locking File Doors - House Deals

One drawback of a cabinet installation – especially in an already-cramped garage – is the amount of space it takes up. When there’s just enough room for the vehicle(s) in a small garage, the idea of committing to a space for cabinetry is all but laughable.

An easy way to mitigate this challenge is to use rolling cabinet storage instead. When your space is cramped, versatility is simply a must, and rolling cabinets allow for up-and-away organized storage to meet your changing space constraints.

Best for tight spaces that could use some versatile storage.

The biggest advantage: When working with a small garage, it’s key to make sure your storage is as versatile as possible, and this rolling cabinet can be placed anywhere. The rust-resistant, weather-resistant stainless steel exterior really means ANYWHERE.

Key parameters:

  1. Dimensions: 36″ W x 18″ D x 72″ H.
  2. Material: Stainless steel.
  3. Lock type: Key


  • Can be wheeled anywhere: this corner, that corner, and even outside.
  • Keyed lock for extra security.
  • Four shelves are removable for flexibility.

Keep in mind:

  • Shelves are not adjustable, but can be removed to accommodate larger items.
  • Assembly requires a buddy.

Ulti-MATE Garage Cabinet Kit

Ulti-MATE UG25030G 3-Piece Garage Cabinet Kit in Graphite Grey Metallic

When creating a sanctuary of a garage, utility is the primary goal, but a nice-looking design is also essential. The key is to make the most of every inch with a combination of efficiency and aesthetic.

To fulfill this objective, this Ulti-Mate Garage Cabinet Kit utilizes cabinet space with a working countertop and a sleek utility finish on the exterior. Installed in any of several combinations, this creates a customized working countertop with plenty of closed-door shelving storage to organize tools, yard supplies, and outdoor recreational equipment.

Best for tidying a large garage with added countertop workspace.

The biggest advantage: This cabinet system provides additional countertop workspace for a garage workshop.

Key parameters:

  1. Combined assembled dimensions: 82.7″ W x 21″ D x 82″ H
  2. Ship weight: 477 lbs.
  3. Finish: Durable PVC laminate.


  • Equipped with both shelves and drawers.
  • Each shelf holds heavyweight objects (up to 200lbs).
  • Modular design is assembled to meet customized needs.

Keep in mind:

  • Requires full assembly, and some parts are heavy.
  • Not intended for spaces open to the outside or with excess humidity.

Tehila Utility Sink Vanity

White Tehila Utility Sink Vanity, Stainless Steel High-Arc Pull-Down Sprayer Faucet, Soap Dispenser and Spacious Cabinet by JS Jackson Supplies for Garage, Basement, Shop and Laundry Room

Like any other utility solution, utility storage is best applied in a series of solutions – some working double-duty – to meet all your needs in the most efficient way for your unique situation. One of the best ways to get the most out of your garage as a multi-functional space is to install a utility sink vanity that contains cabinet space and a sink in one. 

You could install a sink, and you could install cabinets, but to combine the two means extra storage and a finished look for fully finished garages. Best for a climate-controlled space that protects the cabinet from warping, this unit both increases utility and improves aesthetic appeal.

Best for finished garages that could use a bit more storage space and functionality.

The biggest advantage: Combining storage and a sink adds a whole new function to the garage.

Key parameters:

  1. Cabinet dimensions: 24” W x 29” H x 21.75” D (excluding adjustable legs and faucet).
  2. Sink dimensions: 15.74” W x 20” D.
  3. Includes: vanity, metal legs, pull-down faucet, soap dispenser, strainer basket, sink.


  • Multi-use vanity increases garage efficiency.
  • Sleek appearance for finished garages.
  • Versatile sink allows for faucet replacement to suit your design style and other fixtures.

Keep in mind:

  • Requires plumbing to the faucet and from the drain.
  • Not recommended for unfinished garages with lots of humidity or temperature changes.

Fedmax Heavy Duty Storage Locker

Locker, 6 Metal Compartments, 71" High with 17" Deep Lockers (Black w/Grey Doors)

The garage can be more vulnerable to break-ins than the main house, simply because it’s detached and often presents fewer security features. In fact, many people store expensive items in the garage without really considering how valuable they are.

In that case, a garage locker can pay for itself in potential theft prevention. Something big enough for small – albeit expensive – power tools and multifunctional for every member of the family is a great added security measure for the garage. 

Best for storing garage valuables in a cramped space.

The biggest advantage: This unit is built to endure heavy storage, which is perfect for small but valuable tool storage, and more.

Key parameters: 

  1. Compartment size: 10.5” H x 12” W x 17” D.
  2. Weight capacity: 45 pounds per compartment.
  3. Unit height: 71”.


  • Secure storage for valuable items.
  • Privacy storage for multiple family members.
  • Can be attached to the wall for extra safety precaution. 

Keep in mind:

  • Compatible with most standard padlocks and combo locks, but these must be purchased separately.
  • Not rust-proof, so best kept in a climate-controlled area away from humidity.

Prepac Hanging Cabinet System

Prepac GSUW-0708-1 Hang-Ups Upper Storage Cabinet, 36", Light Gray

Finding the right cabinet storage system for you comes down to deciding on a few priorities, and one cabinet set that checks a few boxes off your priority list is ideal. 

Consider what you need the most, and if it’s functional storage with an added workspace that leaves a bit of room underneath for maximum floor space, consider this cabinet system with a countertop and overhead storage.

Best for added workspace and maximum storage in a mid-sized or large garage.

The biggest advantage: This system doesn’t just add space, it adds functionality with its working countertop space.

Key parameters:

  1. Total of unit: 90”.
  2. Full set storage space: 58 cubic feet.
  3. Shipped weight: 570 pounds.


  • Components can be purchased separately or as a set.
  • Sleek finish adds style while fitting in with the utility “look” of a garage.
  • Easy assembly for a DIY project.

Keep in mind:

  • Must be hung on studs.
  • Order the correct unit for your space- larger and smaller configurations are available.
  • Consider requesting instructions upon ordering- instructions included are lacking but the manufacturer will provide upon request.

BS Plastic Lockable Storage Cabinet

BS Lockable Storage Cabinet Outdoor 4 Shelf Organizer Yard Garden Garages Pantry Dorm Room Kitchen Adjustable Shelves 2 Doors Accent Cabinet Storage Shed Horizontal Durable Grey

Not every garage storage cabinet has to be a permanent fixture, or even a heavy duty installation. This plastic storage cabinet is lightweight, can be placed anywhere, and is impervious to rust damage.

Perfect for storing yard tools, sports equipment, and other outdoor toys, the unit can be cleaned easily and moved to accommodate changing seasons.

Best for transitional storage of lightweight outdoor clutter in a finished or unfinished garage.

The biggest advantage: Indoor-outdoor design construction is perfect for all weather.

Key parameters:

  1. Measurements: 69 3/8″ H x 25 5/8″ W x 18 7/8″ D.
  2. Ship weight: 40 pounds.
  3. Shelves: 5 adjustable shelves.


  • The plastic design isn’t liable to peel, dent, chip, or rust.
  • Lightweight for easy, transitional storage.
  • Shelves are adjustable for customized spaces.

Keep in mind:

  • This isn’t sealed against rain, but rain strips can be installed along door seams for extra weatherproofing.
  • Intended for lightweight storage, not heavy objects.
  • Recommended to use all shelves, as they double as support for the walls.

What to Look for When Choosing a Garage cabinet:

#1 Consider the material.

When thinking of installing a garage cabinet or cabinet system, the material of the system is the most important factor. For instance, a plastic cabinet won’t hold up to your heavy storage items, but the wrong metal will rust in a humid environment. It’s important to choose cabinets that can withstand the environment and the storage inside it. In short, make sure the material is appropriate for your storage.

#2 Think about what you’re going to store.

The size, shape, and carrying capacity of your cabinets will depend on what you plan to store. Look for a cabinet with adjustable shelves if you’ll need the flexibility to house items of varying sizes. A customizable cabinet kit, on the other hand, is great for garages that double as a workshop with a lot of tools to store. And for lightweight storage like the garden hose, watering can, and sport equipment, a plastic cabinet will be perfect.  

#3 Look for garage cabinet storage that fits your space.

When designing your garage storage system, cabinets will be the perfect way to store small – or large – items out of sight. But it’ll be useless if it doesn’t fit your space. Something too small in a large garage that doubles as a shop won’t go very far in storing your valuables. You’ll still have tools, toys, and more laying around. But choose something large for a small garage and you’ll barely have room to park… if there’s room to park at all. 

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