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Fusion Vinyl Plank Flooring Review: Is It Good?

Fusion Vinyl is a man-made option for your flooring needs that compares in beauty to natural hardwood. However, Fusion Vinyl differs in important ways, such as the ease of cleaning and maintenance and cost-effectiveness. This review will break down everything you need to know about the flooring and whether it's the right choice for your home!

What is Fusion Vinyl Plank Flooring

The company's mission is based on three principles, which contribute to the flooring they manufacture: style, strength, and simplicity. Fusion produces four lines of product including luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, commercial vinyl glue down, and commercial carpet tile.

The brand Fusion has developed a high-tech flooring named COREtec technology that is featured in exclusive Hybrid Vinyl Planks. It's a waterproof composite flooring with excellent sound dampening properties. This sort of flooring comes in 15 distinct designs and colors, so feel free to browse around.

The Fusion core is composed of virgin PVC, limestone, bamboo dust, and wood that gives the planks their sturdiness and durability. The Hybrid collection offers vinyl boards in 6-inch thicknesses ranging from 18 to 48 inches in length.

How Much Does Fusion Hybrid Vinyl Plank Cost?

When it comes to choosing a renovation material, you're most likely working according to budget. Below is a breakdown of the costs you might need to pay when selecting Fusion as a supplier.

Keep in mind, though, that these are just approximations. The actual cost of your flooring may vary depending on a variety of things, including but not limited to the store from which you buy it, the type of flooring you choose, and the style you pick.

On a base level, vinyl plank flooring is usually only between $2-$7 for a square foot of material. For reference, natural hardwood can be double that! You can expect hardwood to cost at least $10 per square foot.

Fusion flooring specifically is readily available from many dealers at as little as $4! Considering this brand is marketed as a luxury, the price is decent when compared with hardwood and other vinyl options. Though, many might find that price difference to be too high, especially when covering a large space.

When compared to other vinyl floorings, this brand comes in mid-range. When compared to hardwoods, however, the price is considerably less. Though you'll need to factor in other costs such as extra supplies, tools, or hire a professional installer.

Fusion Plank Flooring Durability

Now that we've established Fusion Vinyl Flooring is cost-effective in most cases, the question of durability comes up. While it may seem as though lower prices equate to worse materials, Fusion's flooring is not the case.

Fusion's flooring is capable of enduring a lot included excessive foot traffic, dogs, children, and anything else that might be moving about your home.

Additionally, the Fusion Hybrid flooring has a solid waterproof core and is completely waterproof, so you can install it in basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms without worrying about staining or warping.

This flooring is composed of a wear layer that protects it from excessive wear, stains, and makes it simple to clean and maintain. The top layer is chip-resistant, dent-resistant, and scratch-resistant, so it can be used in even the most active households.

Also, Fusion flooring is completely waterproof and stain-resistant to any type of spill. This means that vinyl plank flooring may be utilized in wet rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen, and basement.

Fusion Flooring Warranty

When purchasing materials with the Fusion brand, you'll receive a fantastic guarantee program to back up its excellence. This includes a lifetime limited residential wear warranty, a lifetime limited structure warranty, a lifetime limited pet warranty, and a lifetime limited waterproof warranty. It is backed with a 10-year medium commercial wear warranty if you are installing it in a business area.

Can Fusion Vinyl Plank Flooring be Installed by Homeowners?

You may want to install your flooring yourself for a number of reasons. The cost and experience of a successful DIY project are a few major ones.

The expense of employing a professional installer is just one of the major expenses associated with new flooring. Most people don't have the skills required to install tile or solid hardwoods flooring. Fusion Hybrid flooring, on the other hand, is simple to set up even if you have no prior experience installing floors.

Additionally, this flooring may be put right over your existing subfloor, which is part of the reason for its popularity. It's not a problem if your subfloor is destroyed; it can still be used to cover almost any type of floor, and imperfections will be perfectly hidden.

The click system in Fusion Hybrid vinyl plank flooring makes it simple to install. You won't need any transition strips, and you won't need a lot of pricey equipment that you'll never use again.

The instructions for installing Fusion Hybrid flooring can be found on its website. While no special tools or training are required, you will need to set aside enough time to complete the task. Your warranties will be void if the installation is incorrect, so take your time and double-check that everything is in order.

Fusion Vinyl Plank Colors and Styles

The collection features an array of colors and designs to complement your décor. There are numerous collections from which to choose for residential and medium commercial applications: Fusion Hybrid Floor, Fusion Summit Hybrid Floor, and Fusion Max Hybrid Floor.

6.5 mm, 6-inch species, and color plank flooring from Fusion Hybrid is available. This collection includes oak, cherry, and maple hardwood products in a variety of colors. If you're searching for a trendy way to add hardwood floors to your home that can withstand any pet or child, this is the collection for you.

The planks in the Fusion Summit's shelves are 6.5 mm thick, 7-inch planks that come in nine distinct hues, including Glacier Bay and Sequoia, which are both darker.

The Fusion Max series has 6.5 mm, 7-inch planks in a variety of hues, including Latour and Murol, as well as darker colors such as Courcy and Roussillon.

Fusion Hybrid does not have the widest variety in the market, but it has enough colors and designs to satisfy the needs of most customers. All planks are realistic in appearance with textures that mimic real hardwood surfaces.

Cleaning and Maintaining Fusion Vinyl Plank Flooring

Cleaning is simple with Fusion Vinyl Plank, and it doesn't need the use of expensive cleaners or a lot of effort to maintain its appearance.

The manufacturer offers useful instructions for caring for your flooring, but the procedures are straightforward. You can clean everyday vinyl plank floors with a broom or a hard floor vacuum, while heavy-duty cleaning may be handled with a milder neutral solution diluted with water. Bona Professional Series cleaners are recommended by Fusion.

Abrasions caused by dirt and sand are the most frequent causes of floor damage. To prevent this sort of damage, it's best to use mats at thresholds and doors.

Your floors will eventually dull with use. If this happens, you may polish your floor. For up to a year's protection, apply Hilway Direct according to the manufacturer.

Sliding heavy things on your flooring is a no-no, since this may cause harm to your vinyl. If you must move significant furniture or materials, use plywood or planks to avoid damaging your vinyl.

Again, you'll want to follow all manufacturer guidelines to avoid nulling your warranty.

Is Fusion Vinyl Flooring a Good or Bad Flooring Option?

Fusion Vinyl Plank flooring combines beauty with durability, which is what makes it so appealing. Overall, consumers who have installed and utilized this flooring in residential and commercial settings have given it excellent marks from past clients.

If your decision comes down to Fusion's vinyl flooring or natural hardwood, you will find that vinyl is more affordable, easier to install, easy to clean and maintain, and more durable.

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