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5 Reclaimed Barnwood Flooring Design Ideas For Your Home

Reclaimed Barnwood Flooring 1

Barnwood has a history and texture that’s easily seen in the planks, which means that floors made of this material will have a beauty and depth that can’t be found in other materials. Check out these 5 reclaimed barnwood flooring design ideas for inspiration.

Reclaimed Barnwood Flooring Design Ideas

1. Increased Texture

reclaimed barnwood flooring

Barnwood is unique in the way that it is weathered when compared to other types of reclaimed wood. Barnwood has a color and texture that is distinctive and instantly recognizable, which will make your flooring an instant focal point in the room. The color and texture of the floor is perfect for complementing any type of rustic or cottage interior design and can be a backdrop for some industrial designs as well. 

2. Rich Patina Reclaimed Barnwood Flooring

reclaimed barnwood flooring

Barnwood often has a rich, deep patina that can instantly enhance any floor. Many woods darken with age and exposure to sunlight and humidity. This patina can make your floor look as though it was installed hundreds of years ago, instantly bringing history and character to the room it’s being installed in. With the added saw marks and nail holes that many reclaimed floors include, a barnwood floor can be an instant conversation starter. 

3. Shifting Tones

reclaimed barnwood flooring

Many types of barnwood have weathered to a soft gray tone, which is very on trend in flooring color. This cool-toned floor can make a beautiful backdrop to many types of rooms. Pair it with a cool toned wall color to create a soft and dreamy appearance or contrast it with something bold to make a statement that will cause the floor to stand in the spotlight of your interior design. 

4. Unique Character Reclaimed Barnwood Flooring

reclaimed barnwood flooring

Each reclaimed barnwood floor is completely unique. There are no two floors made of this material that are exactly alike, because each site that the wood was reclaimed from is unique. The weather conditions, the wood species, and its age have all gone into making each barnwood reclaimed floor a unique and character-filled material that will instantly bring interest to the area it’s installed in. 

5. Old Growth Charm

reclaimed barnwood flooring

One of the reasons that reclaimed wood floors are so unique and filled with beauty and character is the fact that they are often taken from old growth trees. This includes trees and species that are either no longer being harvested or that are frequently being harvested young 

This can give you a richer looking floor with wider, more uniform planks than you might find now, giving your home the unique look that you’re after, more easily than you could achieve with new cut wood. 

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