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The Best Densifier Products for Commercial Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring and curing is a serious aspect of commercial construction. You do not want a bumpy cracked floor at your premises. That’s why floor densifiers are fast gaining popularity in commercial concrete flooring. These products help the concrete cure evenly and harden the floor fast to pave the way for other construction activities. Commercial-scale flooring requires superior quality due to pressure, wear and tear, and incessant activities. 

Floor hardeners contain compounds that are applied on the floor and left to set in. Once they are fully dried and the floor fully hardened, they transform your regular floor into a hardened base that can withstand abuse for a long time. If you do not want to stress over cracked floors, then densifier products are the way to go.

Here are the best floor densifier products for commercial concrete flooring;

1. Prosoco

Prosoco hardener and densifier are ideal for concrete floor hardening. It is a lithium-silicate product, which is available in liquid form. Prosoco strives to harden concrete surfaces, preserve them from cracks, chippings, and maintains a strong, hard, yet versatile commercial floor. The products are classified as LS, LS/CS, blended concrete densifier, and first cut with densifier. The first two products possess premium silicate sealer, reactive silicate densifier/hardener, while the last two contain a blend of silicates and grind and densify consolidated into one product.

2. Rainguard International

This is a concrete sealer and densifier containing lithium silicate professional-grade and can even produce a glossy finish on horizontal surfaces. Additionally, this product serves the purpose of floor densifier for commercial-scale concrete flooring. A gallon of rainguard international can cover 800 square feet. As the name suggests, this product is ideal for guarding commercial floors against extreme weather conditions and rain.

3. Tuff Duck

Rocklinite labs serve this product, and it has been so successful that it is out of stock on Amazon and major online retailers. Tuff Duck countertop concrete sealer boasts water-based formula, which is food and plants safe. Additionally, it penetrates deep into the concrete and leaves a strong outer shell, which serves as the hardened concrete.

Tuff Duck gets the work done and is best utilized in countertops, sinks, and a 750ml bottle would be enough to cover a 60ft square concrete floor.

4. Micro Seal

It is based on Lithium silicate and is applied in one coat using a microfibre pad or a sprayer. It converts calcium hydroxide in the concrete to calcium hydrate, and forms a super-hard surface that prevents chalking, and has better abrasion resistance. Micro seal is a good densifier and is suitable for commercial concrete flooring due to its effectiveness and does not produce bio-hazardous water waste. 

It mostly comes in a 5-gallon container, which is good for 4000 square feet, making it ideal for commercial concrete flooring.


Commercial concrete flooring withstands lots of abuse. It is ever on the receiving end of rainfall, summer sun, winter snow, and thousands of shuffling feet daily. The result is multiple abrasions, scratches, and the inevitable wear and tear. Concrete densifiers thus come in handy and help preserve the floor’s form, appearance, and integrity by giving it a hardened outer shell, which is resistant to abuse, extreme weather, and impacts.

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