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Innovative Techniques for Smoke Containment and Fire Safety Construction

fire safety construction

Fires in commercial buildings and warehouses can cause massive damage and loss of life, destroying lives and businesses.  Preventative fire safety measures mandated by regulations are in place to help save lives and property. Modern technological advances applied to innovative construction techniques for fire safety and smoke containment in commercial properties provide quicker response times and added protection for occupants and materials.

Fire detection and firefighting methods are consistently improving using technological advances in video, sound, and detection processes to alert occupants and emergency response teams quicker.

1. ICF Construction

Commercial properties built using insulated concrete forms (ICF) construction are known in the commercial construction industry for providing significant energy savings and sturdy protection from the most severe weather elements. Sustainable construction methods like ICF also offer great resistance to and protection from fire and smoke.

Concrete used in ICF construction does not burn or bend when subjected to extreme heat, and can withstand up to thousands of degrees of heat structural fires can generate. Concrete walls will keep any fires from spreading and contain smoke that could seep into multiple rooms of the building.

It typically takes 15 minutes for a home with wood framing to catch on fire. Tested with up to 2,000 degrees of heat that is common for structural fires, ICF walls keep fires contained by preventing spread to inside the home.

Windows and door bucks made from ICF construction provides additional protection and ICF floors will prevent fires from spreading to different levels of the property.

In addition to being incredibly fire-resistant, ICF constructed commercial properties are much quicker to build, saving labor costs while providing fire protection for many years to come.

2. Smoke/Fire Curtains

Fire curtains are used in commercial properties to prevent damage and contain threats from smoke and heat generated from structural fires. Smoke and fire curtains are available in all sizes and shapes to fit any type of commercial property configuration.

Benefits and features of installing fire curtains during the construction process of commercial properties include:

·        Invisibility: Fire and smoke curtains are designed to be built within the design of the property, recessing into the ceilings or walls, remaining out of sight when not deployed.

·        Design Compatible: Fire curtains do not require a lot of space or structural reinforcement, so they will not have drastically affect the design of the building.

·        No Tampering: Most people will not even know the curtains are there and they are hidden away so well that fire curtains are virtually tamper-proof.

3. Early Suppression Fast Response Fire Sprinkler Systems (ESFR)

Early Suppression Fast Response Fire Sprinkler Systems (ESFR) use technological advances to control and extinguish fires, decreasing the risk of harm to firefighters and occupants of the building. Early suppression systems use large, industrial sprinkler heads installed in the ceilings of high-occupancy commercial buildings with higher risks of hazards.

ESFR sprinkler systems are commonly used in warehouses and other large distribution center designs. They require large volumes of water and hooked up to fire pumps.

4. Integrated Voice Evacuation and Messaging System

This high-tech, programmable fire alert system providing instant voice instructions to those in the building and can customize messaging to specific locations on the property. An integrated voice evacuation and messaging system provides fire compartmentation and evacuation plans and additional information over speakers throughout the building.

Built-in redundancies provide backup to keep the system working if part or all of the building has been compromised in emergency situations. Customized messaging options allow for multichannel distribution capabilities to accommodate all sizes and configurations of commercial properties.

5. Birdi-Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Keep a constant watch on the air quality of your property with smart technology that monitors the presence of carbon monoxide and other potential hazards in the air. The Birdi-Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detector uses smart technology to allow smartphone monitoring. The system can catch fires quickly and will call first responders through a landline to ensure help is on the way.

The Birdi system links to smartphones through Wi-Fi technology to detect smoke and alerts users in the event of an emergency. The air quality monitoring functionality works to detect indoor pollutants and offers recommendations based on the information sensors detect.

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