Building Materials Company Spotlight: F-Wave

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Shingles have been evolving and improving at an ever-increasing rate in recent years. F-Wave Shingles are the latest company to revolutionize the shingle industry by offering a superior product that combines benefits from other common shingle materials with none of the problems with asphalt roof shingles.

For over 5 years, F-Wave Roofing has been making waves with their selection of residential, synthetic shingles and residential slate shingles. While they come in a variety of styles including Colonial Estate, Hampton Estate, Woodland Estate, Sonoma Estate, Birchwood Blend, Charcoal Blend, and Harvest Blend in the slate series,  Hand-Split shake shingles and Vermont natural slate shingles are also soon to be available. 

F-WAVE SHINGLES Have Built a Newer, Better Shingle

f-wave roofing shingles

The shingles that F-WAVE ROOFING offers, however, aren’t made from wood, slate, asphalt, or vinyl. They’re made from a special, synthetic polymer of commercial grade. While this polymer is available in a multitude of different styles and colors, the shingles themselves are extremely durable, light, and low-maintenance. F-WAVE shingles are even known to withstand very high winds of up to 130mph, extreme weather, and Class 4 hail without failing. 

These REVIA synthetic roofing shingles are also devoid of many of the issues that currently plague so many other types of roofing materials. There are no granules or asphalt involved, and they can stand up to heavy UV rays as well as extreme weather. These shingles are Class A fire rated and feature no glued layers that can easily delaminate. Their tear strength is far superior to that of regular asphalt shingles, and their easy installation process makes for superior performance in high winds.

Unlike other materials as well, REVIA synthetic shingles from F-WAVE ROOFING are engineered to be as durable as possible while still being stylish and cost-effective. Low-maintenance needs are another huge benefit of having F-WAVE shingles installed on your roof. These shingles are guaranteed to last you 50 years and they come with guaranteed 5-Year hail coverage as well.

Designer Slate REVIA Shingles will Boost Your Home Value

revia roofing shingles

The REVIA designer slate series is built to resemble the ultra-dimensional look that real slate has, while remaining resistant to fading and cracking as well. The warranted coverage, class 4 hail rating, Class A fire rating, 130-mph wind rating, and single-piece tough construction design without any adhesive failures or delaminated layers make this one of, if not the best shingles on the market. 

The amount of money these shingles can save you both upfront and over time, is significant. By boosting your curb appeal and providing long-lasting protection to your roof, F-WAVE shingles will help raise the resale value of your home, which means more money in your pocket when you do decide to sell. 

The lower upfront cost of these shingles compared to other types of materials combined with their low-maintenance needs make them one of the smartest financial decisions you could make when it comes to finding alternatives to asphalt shingles. If you’re wondering “how long do asphalt shingles last?”, then the best asphalt alternative is the choice for you. Install a roof that is durable, low-maintenance, and stylish. Look no further than F-WAVE for your next shingle installation. 

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