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How to Design a Kitchen with Durable Kitchen Materials

Durability is a trait that homeowners desire more and more. Since people are staying in their homes longer, they’re using their appliances, hardware, fixtures, and more for an extended time period. So, long-lasting kitchen elements are a necessity for homeowners interested in staying in their house for years to come. 

Investing in quality materials will keep you from having to replace cheap, fading kitchen components. Not only that, but durable options save you from feeling like you should be extremely cautious when performing routine kitchen tasks, such as cooking or cleaning. 

A durable kitchen can also be a beautiful kitchen – so don’t sacrifice one for the other. Check out these tips for designing a durable kitchen you and your family members will love. 

Kitchen Countertops

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We choose granite as the kitchen countertop frontrunner for a few reasons. The countertop material: 

• is budget-friendly 

• comes in a variety of options 

• can withstand hot pots better than other materials 

• won't likely go out of style soon 

Each slab has unique shading and striations, and granite available in a wide range of colors and textures. 

If you decide to implement granite countertops in your kitchen, you can make the material even more durable by routinely sealing it – which should be done during the time of installation – as well as by polishing the granite

Quartz is another great choice for countertops because there are endless styles to choose from because it’s a manufactured product. This contemporary countertop material can also be coated with an anti- bacterial solution for enhanced use. Quartz is also an excellent option for outdoor or exposed kitchens with a passthrough window.

Another, more budget-friendly option, is solid surface — a material that never requires sealing, comes in giant, seamless slabs, and can be fabricated to any specifications imaginable. There are many excellent solid surface kitchen countertop ideas, but I would tend to lean towards a white solid surface kitchen motif.

Kitchen Sinks

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Granite composite is our top choice for durable kitchen sinks. It’s often found in dark colors, but a light- colored granite composite can be ordered, too. It provides homeowners with a sleek look while remaining sturdy through dishwashing and more. 

Fireclay is another good option for those wanting both longevity and style. This modern sink style: 

• is highly durable 

• often has a deep bowl 

• Is handcrafted 

• can be found in white and off-white colors 

Kitchen Cabinets

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Wood is a clear winner for kitchen cabinets. You’ll find that many houses have used wood for kitchen cabinets for centuries because it is a durable cabinet solution. Homeowners can choose from a variety of cabinet wood options including: 

• cherry wood 

• maple wood 

• ash wood 

• hickory wood 

• oak wood 

These options represent a variety of natural stains, densities, and more. So, you can choose the one that fits your style and preferences. 

You should also factor in whether you plan to paint over the wood, seal it, or make other modifications. It will help you determine the right wood for your kitchen cabinets. 

Kitchen Faucets

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Kitchen faucets may not be the first element you think of when creating or updating the space for longevity. Here’s a few reasons why faucets should be considered: 

• they’re handled often 

• change can improve kitchen efficiency 

• nondurable faucets can lead to leaking water 

Some homeowners choose brass as their kitchen faucet material. This is a strong metal that works great for fixtures because brass is less likely to leak compared to other types of faucet materials

Others opt for metal kitchen faucets such as steel, zinc, or plastic. Those options don’t offer the durability that brass fixtures do. 

Kitchen Backsplashes

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A kitchen backsplash is a factor you shouldn’t ignore if you’re truly interested in making your kitchen durable. A backsplash: 

• Acts as an accent piece in the room 

• Protects the wall 

• Is simple to clean 

A backsplash is a stunning feature which homeowners can also enjoy because of its versatility and functionality. Thanks to their moisture-wicking abilities and a variety of designs to choose from, ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular material choices. 

People choose porcelain tiles for their backsplash because: 

• It's water resistant 

• It doesn’t chip easily 

• It comes in a variety of shades and colors 

Conversely, ceramic tiles are available in any hue you could want, making it a great contrast to other products typically found in natural colors. These tiles are also durable when cleaning them for routine maintenance purposes or to remove stains and splashes. 

Kitchen Floors

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Tile is one of the most commonly implemented kitchen floor options. People appreciate tile in the kitchen because it’s: 

• Easy to maintain and clean 

• Water resistant 

• Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors 

Ceramic tile and stone tile are both good choices for kitchens. Tile is less likely to soak up water, so ceramic is preferred over stone, although stone is also highly durable. Whichever option you choose is mostly up to your own taste. 

Engineered hardwood flooring is another durable kitchen flooring option. White oak flooring is a material that can be implemented throughout the entire house, which creates a cohesive home. This type of flooring is not as moisture resistant as tile, unfortunately. It is more durable than materials such as linoleum or laminate. 

Design a Durable Kitchen Today

You need long-lasting products and elements in your kitchen. These are just a few of the items that can make a huge difference in your kitchen project's longevity as well as aesthetics. If you’re looking for a fantastic return of investment, these long-lasting products will offer you just that – all without sacrificing beauty. 

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