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How Much Does It Cost To Repave a Driveway?

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The repaving costs would mostly depend on the type of material you will use and some other additional charges. If you plan to get an Asphalt driveway, the prices might fall somewhere between $3000 -$5500.

If you own a house, you would know that it needs regular repairs to make it look beautiful and well-maintained. Constant upgrades and renovations are required since house overtime depletes. You may have to look into the water pipelines, the bathroom ceiling, or your kitchen flooring if they need any repairs. Likewise, one other thing that may require a renovation is your driveway.

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Repaving your driveway may not be an inexpensive job to get done. Therefore, you must keep all your options and the resulting costs in mind before deciding. The repaving costs would mostly depend on the type of material you will use and some other additional charges. If you plan to get an Asphalt driveway, the prices might fall somewhere between $3000 -$5500. In the article ahead, we have listed a few values to look after when planning to repave your driveway.

1. Driveway Materials

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One of the high costs of your driveway project will be the material used. You will have to look into a few factors before deciding which content to choose for your driveway. Different materials are going to cost you different amounts. Also, you should keep in mind the climatic conditions and the durability required of your driveway. Installation costs would be different for different materials. You can choose between concrete, asphalt, gravel, bricks, pavers, etc.

When it comes to how much does it cost to gravel a driveway they are cheaper and can cost as little as $1000. However, gravel is affordable and can result in early depletion of the driveway. On the other hand, brick driveways are super expensive. They can cost you up to $9,500. In addition to the high initial costs, brick driveways also require high maintenance. Asphalt and concrete go neck to neck when it comes to price, with concrete being a little on the pricy side. Driveway asphalting in Stamford CT can cost you around an average of $4,500.  

It would help if you had a thorough idea of your requirements and what each material can offer regarding your prerequisites. Asphalt tends to erode sooner, whereas concrete is sturdy. Your choice would depend on the usage, the costs, and the environment.

2. Get Rid Of The Old Driveway

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Since you are repaving the driveway, you will have first to remove the old one. It would be best if you got your renovation started by crushing the old driveway and getting it hauled away. Costs under this area would also include expenses for breaking up the old driveway, loading it on the truck for removal, removing the existing base, and removing the debris. You can assume an average cost of $1-$2 per square foot under this head. 

3. Land Leveling

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Often this would only be involved when setting up a new driveway. Land leveling means excavating and grading the land before building the driveway over it. It requires removing any trees, plants, grass, etc. in the way.

 However, it would help if you also considered whether it would require your driveway repaving. It is better to know all your costs before getting yourself into the project. If you are changing the area for your driveway, you will most necessarily be having land-leveling values. You can get various quotes for these costs from multiple contractors to have a rough estimate. On average, this step would cost you around $1,500, including grading. 

4. Grading

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The subgrade is the base on which the driveway will build. So you will need to look into it if your existing base has eroded and depleted. A general outlay for grading would be $4 per square foot.  Costs under this head would include removing rocks, cleanup, setup, grading soil, and any addition of grading resources.

5. Costs For Permits

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If your driveway project only involves resurfacing the existing pavement, then you might not have any costs relating to permits. However, if you want to increase the size, depth, move the driveway position, etc., you would incur additional charges due to regulations.

You will have to contact your local area government to discuss whether your enhancements are allowed under the jurisdictions. There are always some particular rules and regulations to follow when building a house. Therefore, you will have to check these.  

6. Boundaries For Your Driveway

Once the driveway finishes, you will need to overlay some borders for it. You can border your driveway with pavers or bricks. Some planting will complete the look, but you will have to keep a few points under consideration. You can have it all planned out as a visual design to understand what should go where and how it will complete.

7. Considering Getting a Gate?

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Gates and pillars give a chicer look to your overall house. Adding some to your driveway will most definitely add value to your property cost. Barriers also offer extra security. But beforehand, get yourself a quote of the fees that would charge for it.


Repaving a driveway is an expensive job only if you do not manage your costs effectively. Consider all the outlays and plan out a budget for it. You should know which expenses are essential and which can be compromised. It will help you devise the most appropriate cost plan for your driveway according to your requirements and wishes.

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