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DIY Headboards Made Simple with Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels

DIY Headboards

As you walk into your master bedroom, one of the first pieces that your eyes land on is your bed. It is the center point of the entire room. What does it say to you? Does it speak relaxation and comfort? Is there an empty space above or behind it that needs to be filled?

One of the super simple DIY trends in recent years has been making a headboard out of reclaimed wood. These DIY wood headboard options are beautiful accent pieces that can bring an entire room together. 

Whether you have dark finished furniture, or a more rustic, natural look, you can have a beautiful DIY wood headboard to coordinate in no time. Here are some things to consider when making your own bedroom accent piece.

Durable Backing

This is the first step is selecting the board where all the action will take place. Choose a sturdy back board for your headboard. It is important that you have a strong backing for your reclaimed wood to adhere to. 

Preparing Your Materials

When using natural wood, there are additional steps needed to create your headboard. You’ll need to prep the material by cutting, sanding and staining the wood prior to installing.


If you do not use wood panels then you also have to sand the wood down to make sure there are no rough edges. Using the wood panels eliminates the need for this step, thus, making it even easier to install.


Natural wood needs to be stained for sealing and durability. You can create different depths of the stain as you either add more layers or leave it at just a rough, one layer stain.

Tools for the Job

When using real wood, you’ll need to accrue some paint brushes, nail gun or drill, metal plates, a saw and the type of nail or screws you choose to use.

Consider Reclaimed Wood Panels Instead

If you’re using wood planks, the process could prove more difficult or complex. One easy way to avoid the added steps mentioned above is to use reclaimed wood wall panels. The colors are arranged perfectly for you so all you have to do us measure, cut and apply the panels to the backboard. This will reduce the time it takes to create and install your headboard altogether.

Arrange Your Reclaimed Wood Panels

Here comes the fun part! You can create your DIY wood headboard any way you like. While the most common way to install the panels is in a horizontal direction, you can get creative with the placement of these panels. You could also choose to add a border to finish it off.

Enjoy Your New Decor

Once you’ve got the wood panels installed on your backboard, it’s time to mount the hardware and install the DIY wood headboard in your room. You can easily install your headboard to your mattress frame or directly to the wall and start enjoying the look right away.

Reclaimed wood panels make it super simple to make a DIY wood headboard without the hassle of arranging them just perfectly and having to stain each individual piece. 

These panels are easy to work with and provide a unique look, whether you want dark stained wood or a lighter rustic feel. Reclaimed wood wall panels help you to create the perfect warmth and depth you’re after with your DIY wood headboard project.

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