7 Public Display Stands Design Ideas That Will Get Your Attention


When you need to convey information, sometimes a display stand is the best way to get attention. Display stands need to be functional to do their job properly, but they also need to complement their surroundings while being eye-catching enough that people will stop and look.

Thankfully, it’s possible to find or create public display stands in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles so you can easily find one that will get the job done. Check out these seven public display stands for ideas on how to create an information center that will catch everyone’s attention.

Modern Public Display Stand Ideas

1. Interactive stand

Image Credit – idcreated.com

Sometimes the information you need to convey requires some user input first. In this case, an interactive display is the best choice. For touch screen displays, the screen needs to be angled for easy access and viewing. This stand not only puts the screen at just the right angle, it also complements the contemporary style of the screen. Modern technology needs a modern display stand in order to avoid an incongruous appearance. This sleek stand is one with the display, creating the perfect, eye catching effect.

2. Super thin

Image Credit – idcreated.com

Public display stands that are used in crowded or heavily populated areas can’t take up a lot of space. They still need to be able to give you the information you’re looking for, however, as well as complement their surroundings.

This super thin display stand looks as though it grew organically right up out of the concrete sidewalk, making it the ideal complement to the area. At the same time, it’s still tall and wide enough to display all the needed information, but thin enough that it isn’t taking up valuable real estate on a busy day.

3. Environmental complement

Image Credit – idcreated.com

Display stands aren’t only necessary in urban environments; sometimes you need them at hiking trails and playgrounds, or they need to complement an existing picnic area. In that case, having a display stand that blends in with the natural surroundings can help make the statement you’re looking for.

In this case, the stand is large and bright enough to attract interest and attention, but the color scheme and materials help it blend in with the scenery, so while it stands out, it isn’t for the wrong reasons.

4. A work of art

Image Credit – idcreated.com

For museums, themes vary. In some urban spaces, the architecture takes center stage and others have more decorative areas. Sometimes what you need in this case is a display stand that is beautiful and a work of art in its own right. This sleek stand catches the eye and everyone’s attention not for the information that it holds, but for its shape, its style, and its sleek lines. Any information displayed here is sure to reach the people who need it most, simply because it will draw the attention of everyone who passes by.

5. Simple plaque

Image Credit – idcreated.com

For more traditional buildings, sometimes a subtle approach is what’s needed, rather than something that’s going to clash with the rest of the décor. This simple plaque will still catch the attention necessary with its rich wood base and the addition of the boldly colored log at the top. It’s large enough to still convey all the necessary information to passersby, but it’s not taking up valuable space on the floor where it could potentially be in the way. For corridors, older buildings, and places that don’t have a lot of space, this type of display is ideal for providing information without any distractions.

6. Design match

Image Credit – idcreated.com

This public display stand gets a lot of attention not for standing out boldly from its environment, but for being such a perfect match to the buildings and style around it. The metal legs and shape of the display are an ideal complement to the metal railings and detailing of the buildings nearby. What makes the sign stand out and get everyone’s attention, therefore, is the information board itself. You aren’t expecting this break from the metallic detail that surrounds the display, so the information jumps out right where you need it to.

7. Complementary displays

Image Credit – idcreated.com

For settings like this one, where you need information that is specific to the area you are in, multiple display stands may be necessary. In this case, the type of information being presented at each stand is also different, so the stands don’t need to be mirror images of one another. Instead, they simply need to complement one another with the right size and angle for the information to be easily read without blocking what’s behind them, with similarly sleek designs that let them coexist together in the room without taking away from the real object of people’s visits behind them.

Get everyone’s attention

By tailoring display stands to both their environment and the type of information being displayed, it’s possible to make your stand catch everyone’s eye. Use any of these designs as a starting point to creating the perfect display stand for your needs.

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