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Trending Interior Renovation Projects for 2021

Photo courtesy of Ian Stallings Design and Aaron Leitz

Interior design trends come and go, but the COVID-19 pandemic has helped spur some of the most drastic shifts in design sensibility seen in recent years. Whether it be replacing “safe” wall colors with more vibrant choices or putting a new twist on what is deemed elegant in furniture pieces, the following 8 interior renovation projects are sure to be popular choices for the remainder of 2021. 

Everybody Has the Blues

Photo courtesy of Ian Stallings Design and David Duncan Livingston

Throughout the better part of the past decade, white and other neutrals were the preferred choice for walls and cabinet facings. However, 2021 is primed to see an increase in more vibrant colors, with blue being a particularly hot choice for interior design projects in the year’s first three months.

While blue provides a touch of personality to a home’s interior, some shades have the potential to be slightly depressing, so be sure to balance the blue with strong contrasts to capture the type of mood you want. For example, explore hardwood floor trends to pair your blue walls with a vibrant, natural look on the floors and choose gold or other brightly colored furniture pieces to help make the blue seem more lively. 

A Fresh Touch of Texture

Although shiplap is one of the most straightforward means of adding texture to interior walls, homeowners will likely be looking to change things up a bit in 2021. Creative molding, plasters, and living plant walls are primed to be some of the more innovative projects to add texture to interior spaces throughout the remainder of the year. 

Wallpaper Is All-Paper

Photo courtesy of Ian Stallings Design and John Merkle

Wallpaper has long gotten a bad rap in the interior design community, a product typically associated with seldom-used powder rooms or forgotten attics in antiquated homes.

However, with the pandemic spawning a DIY remodeling revolution, homeowners and renters of modest means are looking for lower-cost ways to make changes to their homes. While papering the wall will never be a value-adding renovation, 2021 is likely to see renewed interest in all kinds of wallpapers as people look to give their spaces a fresh feel without breaking the bank.

Let the Light Shine

Photo courtesy of Ian Stallings Design and Paul Dyer

The free flow of natural light has been a trend for a while now, but 2021 will see homeowners redoubling their efforts to install larger windows. With safer-at-home recommendations likely to continue throughout the year, having highly translucent windows is an important renovation to allow homeowners to enjoy views of the outdoors and release the serotonin that accompanies ample amounts of sunlight.

Statement Fixtures

Another change wrought by the pandemic has been the increased attention paid to rails, fixtures, doorknobs, and other frequently touched surfaces. Just as expressive masks have become a fashion statement arising from the pandemic, elegant brass, and stainless steel sink fixtures and modern black handrail choices are sure to be at the center of renovation projects in 2021 as homeowners adapt to this new phenomenon.

More Is More

Photo courtesy of Ian Stallings Design and Aaron Leitz

Although minimalism pervaded as the classy and trendy choice throughout the 2010s, homeowners became a bit stir crazy staring at their sparse confines while stuck at home in 2020. Expect to see an increase in patterned walls, multi-purpose furniture pieces, and decorative ceiling ornamentation throughout the remainder of 2021 as homeowners try to make their interiors a bit “busier.”

It’s Not a Match

Photo courtesy of Ian Stallings Design and Aaron Leitz

As the world becomes increasingly accepting of individuality and unique expression, the matching drawer and cabinet sets that have been popular over the years are likely to be spurned in favor of creative mismatching. Look for salvaged wood shelving and repurposed furniture pieces to pervade throughout the rest of the year.

Glass Entryways

“Barnwood entry doors have made a statement in homes for several years, but they may no longer be the preferred choice, as homeowners shift more toward sliding glass entryways. Not only does this help put an elegant face on the front of the home, but it aids in the all-important transmission of natural light.” – Chuck Waltman, The Woodlands Home Remodeling Contractor


Through the year’s first three months, trends in interior design have taken a noticeably bold turn. By considering any of the aforementioned interior renovation projects, you can help keep your home consistent with what is unfolding in 2021.

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